Biologist Jobs in Canada – How To Apply

Biologist Jobs in Canada

Let us discuss some overviews before going into Biologist Jobs in Canada.

Biologists perform research to better understand living things, untamed or cultivated ecosystems, and natural resource management. They create novel procedures and goods in a variety of industries, including forestry, agriculture, forensics, medicine, pharmacology, nanotechnology, biosynthesis, plant breeding, and pest management.


  • Some biologists spend most of their time outside, planning and taking part in field inventories and surveys.
  • There, they record the species and pertinent information for various studies, consultations, environmental impact analyses, reclamation, and other objectives.
  • In addition to conducting laboratory research, other biologists also counsel and assist others. Typically, biologists:
  • Identify and catalogue species, such as fungi, microbes, animals, and plants
    Plan and do out fieldwork to examine and keep an eye on issues like population dynamics, genetics, and habitat
  • Collect samples, and perform tests in labs
  • Investigate how organisms grow and function.
  • Utilize biological concepts to promote the study of medicine and health
    Prepare reports and research publications by analyzing and interpreting data.
  • Use statistics and mathematical models to comprehend molecular and cellular processes, estimate the quantity and types of organisms in a particular area, observe trends in population sizes, and other uses.
  • Analyze the sustainable yield and harvest rates for fish and animal species.
    Consult with stakeholders and the general public to investigate solutions for resource management
  • Determine what causes plant illnesses.
  • Make suggestions for resource development that is sustainable.
  • Set guidelines for industrial operations to prevent or reduce environmental harm
  • Present information and give speeches to clubs, schools, and interest organizations.
  • Manage the activities of biological technicians and other employees. Inform the public and stakeholders about scientific findings.

Many biologists are expected to teach in addition to conducting research.

Depending on their area of specialization, biologists hold a wide range of occupations. Depending on the kinds of species (such as fish, and plankton) and ecosystems (such as oceans or freshwater environments) they research, aquatic biologists may also be referred to as fisheries biologists, invertebrate biologists, limnologists, or marine biologists.

Each of the following general categories of study has numerous specializations.

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Botanists and plant biologists

Investigate the growth, development, function, origin, and distribution of plants as well as their uses in synthesis, agriculture, and medicine. They also research connected environmental issues like weed management, re-vegetation, and conservation.

Freshwater fish and their habitats are studied by fisheries biologists.

Marine biologists research the organisms that inhabit oceans, seas, and the shorelines of those bodies of water.

Animal biologists research wildlife, including birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians, as well as their habitats and interactions with their environments, such as how fire affects wildlife. They use their expertise to manage the resources for wildlife and their natural environments.

Working Conditions

Biologists work in a range of settings, including offices, laboratories, research ships, and harsh, off-the-grid locations. Some spend most of their time outside collecting and classifying specimens, obtaining samples, and assessing and cataloguing populations. Others typically work indoors in labs, offices, and schools. Biologists may spend weeks at a time away from home, in all types of weather, depending on their area of expertise.

There are many different physical demands. In the office or lab, a biologist might not have to perform any strenuous labour. Fieldwork, on the other hand, can be very taxing, such as lifting a 50-kilogram net on a moving ship.

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Biologist Salary in Canada

In Canada, the average yearly salary for a biologist is roughly 246,000 CAD. The lowest salary is 125,000 CAD, and the highest is 379,000 CAD (highest).

This is the typical annual pay after housing, transportation, and other amenities. Based on factors like geography, gender, experience, and talents, biologists’ earnings might vary greatly. You can find a thorough analysis based on a variety of factors below.

Biologist Jobs in Canada

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