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Jobs in Malaysia

If you are seeking to apply for Jobs in Malaysia, then you are on the right page. We are also going to be treating the following: Job for Vietnamese in Malaysia, Job Vacancy for Accounting Fresh Graduate in Malaysia, Expat Jobs in Malaysia, and Jobs with High Salary in Malaysia.

For many people, working in Malaysia may be a rewarding experience. The diversified culture, expanding economy, low cost of living, stunning natural surroundings, and handy location are all factors that support this.

However, based on unique circumstances and choices, the experience of working in Malaysia can differ. Some people might struggle to adjust to a new nation or find the work culture to be different from what they’re used to. To better understand what to anticipate, it’s crucial to conduct a study and speak with individuals who have worked in Malaysia.

Overall, a lot of individuals who have worked in Malaysia have considered it to be a great and satisfying experience, with chances for both professional and personal development. Working in Malaysia might be a fantastic option if you’re searching for a new career challenge, an adventure, or just a change of pace.

Jobs in Malaysia

Malaysia is a multicultural nation with a booming economy that provides both local and foreign workers with a variety of career options. In Malaysia, a few of the most sought-after job sectors are:

Information technology (IT)

Malaysia’s IT sector is expanding and there is a high demand for qualified individuals with experience in network security, data analysis, and software development.


Manufacturing of electronics, electrical equipment, and machinery is the main focus of Malaysia’s thriving manufacturing industry.


There is a growing need for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in Malaysia, as the healthcare sector is expanding.


There is a high demand for teachers, lecturers, and educational administrators due to Malaysia’s robust educational system.


Due to Malaysia’s popularity as a tourism destination, there is a high demand for workers in the hospitality and travel sectors, including hotel management, tour operators, and travel agents.

Finance and Banking

Malaysia’s financial industry is well-established, and there is a need for accountants, financial analysts, and bankers.

Gas and Oil

Malaysia is a significant producer of gas and oil, and there is a need for experts in the energy and petroleum sectors.


There is a high demand for architects, engineers, and construction workers in Malaysia’s burgeoning construction sector.


There is a high demand for salespeople, store managers, and customer care agents in Malaysia’s expanding retail industry.


Malaysia has a robust agriculture industry despite being a developed nation, and there is a need for agricultural technicians, farm managers, and food scientists.

These are but a few of Malaysia’s numerous job fields. There are chances for people with a wide range of talents and experience in Malaysia’s diverse labor market.

How to Apply for Jobs in Malaysia

The following steps are typically included in the application process for jobs in Malaysia:

  1. Employer websites, job portals, recruitment firms, and professional networks are just a few of the places you might look for employment openings.
  2. Examine the position’s credentials and requirements. Make sure you’re a good fit for the position by carefully reading the job description and prerequisites.
  3. Create a cover letter and resume: Highlight your relevant talents and experiences in your resume and cover letter, and make sure they are specifically tailored to the job you are applying for.
  4. Sending in your application According to the instructions in the job posting, send in your cover letter, résumé, and any other relevant documents. You could be required to submit an online application by some employers.
  5. After submitting your application, be patient and wait for a reply from the business. Depending on the size of the organization and the number of applications, this could take a few days or weeks.
  6. Interview: If your application is chosen for further consideration, you will normally receive an invitation to the company’s interview. By doing some research on the business, preparing your responses to typical interview questions, and dressing accordingly, you can get ready for the interview.
  7. Sending a follow-up email to thank the interviewer for their time and to express your interest in the position is a smart idea after the interview.
  8. Job offer: If the business chooses to extend you an offer of employment, it will ordinarily send you a letter stating the terms and circumstances of that employment.

Remember that depending on the company and the position you are applying for, the particular procedures and requirements for applying for a job in Malaysia may change.

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Job for Vietnamese in Malaysia

Vietnamese nationals might explore working in Malaysia in a variety of jobs. The following are some of the sectors that frequently use foreign workers:


Malaysia has a sizable manufacturing industry that produces consumer goods, textiles, and electronics.


Due to its rich history, beautiful beaches, and unique culture, Malaysia is a well-liked travel destination. Opportunities exist in the hospitality sector, which includes establishments like hotels, restaurants, and tour operators.


Malaysia is a significant producer of agricultural goods including rubber and palm oil. Opportunities exist for workers in the agriculture and plantation industries.


Malaysia’s economy is expanding quickly, and the country’s building sector is prospering. Opportunities exist for professionals in industries including construction and civil engineering.


The financial, retail, and healthcare sectors of Malaysia’s vast and diverse services industry. Opportunities exist for workers in these sectors, particularly those with the necessary training and credentials.

Before applying for any job in Malaysia, it’s crucial to confirm the visa requirements and the state of the labor market.

How to Apply for Job for Vietnamese in Malaysia

Here are the steps you can take to apply for a job if you are a Vietnamese citizen wishing to work in Malaysia:

  1. Research job openings: To begin, look into Malaysia’s employment situation and note which businesses and industries are taking on foreign workers. To look for employment openings, you can use job search websites like Jobstreet, LinkedIn, and Indeed.
  2. Prepare your job application materials: Create a résumé and cover letter that highlight your talents, experience, and qualities as you get ready to apply for jobs. For each job you apply for, make sure to tailor your application materials.
  3. Check visa requirements: Make sure you meet the visa requirements for working in Malaysia before applying for a position. To work lawfully in the nation, you might need to apply for a work visa or a permit.
  4. Apply for employment: You can use job search websites or company websites to submit a direct application for jobs. Prepare your application documents, such as a résumé and cover letter, to be submitted.
  5. Get ready for job interviews: If you’re chosen for a job interview, you might need to take part in a face-to-face or online interview. Make sure to thoroughly research the business before the interview and practice responding to typical interview questions.
  6. Obtain a job offer: If your job search is successful and you are given a job offer, make sure to carefully read the offer’s terms and conditions before accepting it.

Note: Before accepting a job offer, make sure the company is legitimate and that it is not part of any scams or fake employment offers.

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Job Vacancy for Accounting Fresh Graduate in Malaysia

Here is a list of some of the positions that are frequently open to fresh accounting graduates in Malaysia, along with a thorough explanation of each position:

Accounts Assistant

An accounts assistant supports the accounting department by doing duties like data entry, bookkeeping, and financial report preparation. The ability to organize, pay close attention to detail, and work with figures are all crucial for this position.

Junior Accountant

A junior accountant is an entry-level role in the accounting industry who helps senior accountants with activities including financial statement preparation, financial record maintenance, and bank reconciliation. A recent graduate might use this position to obtain practical experience in accounting and finance.

Accounts Executive

An Accounts Executive is in charge of directing the work of junior accountants and managing the day-to-day financial operations of a business. This includes creating financial statements and managing budgets. Strong leadership abilities and a solid grasp of accounting and financial concepts are required for this position.


An organization’s financial records must be independently audited by an auditor to guarantee accuracy and adherence to accounting standards. Strong accounting principles knowledge and the capacity to analyze financial data are prerequisites for this position.

Tax Associate

A tax associate is in charge of drafting and submitting tax returns for both individuals and businesses, as well as counseling customers on fiscal issues. The ability to execute intricate computations and a solid grasp of tax laws and regulations are requirements for this position.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is in charge of examining the financial information of a company in order to offer management insights and suggestions for enhancing financial performance. Strong analytical abilities and the capacity to work with intricate financial models are prerequisites for this position.

Cost Accountant

A cost accountant is in charge of evaluating the costs of the goods and services provided by a business and offering suggestions for cost-cutting measures. A keen attention to detail, the capacity to analyze data, and a solid grasp of accounting and financial principles are all necessary for this position.

Payroll Officer

A Payroll Officer is in charge of processing the payroll for a company, which includes figuring up employee wages, taxes, and deductions. Working with sensitive employee data and having a solid awareness of payroll laws and regulations are requirements for this position.

Accounts Receivable Officer

An organization’s accounts receivable are managed by an accounts payable officer, who is also in charge of billing clients and obtaining payments. Strong organizational abilities and the ability to communicate with customers to address payment concerns are requirements for this position.

Officer of Accounts Payable

An organization’s accounts payable are managed by the accounts payable officer, who also processes vendor invoices and makes payments. Strong organizational abilities and the capacity to collaborate with suppliers to handle payment issues are requirements for this position.

These are a few of the typical positions that are open to new accounting graduates in Malaysia. The precise work duties and specifications may change depending on the firm, but the aforementioned list serves as an excellent place to start when looking for employment in the accounting industry.

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Expat Jobs in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are numerous industries where foreigners can find employment, including:

Gas and oil

Malaysia exports more gas and oil than any other country in the Asia-Pacific region, making this a well-liked sector among expats.


A number of global corporations have established operations in Malaysia, which has a burgeoning technology sector.


The highly developed Malaysian manufacturing industry employs many foreign workers.


This is another sector that appeals to expats as Malaysia is home to a variety of financial institutions, such as banks and insurance firms.


Malaysia’s healthcare industry is expanding quickly and presents a variety of opportunities for international physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.


International schools are a common place for expat teachers to work in Malaysia.


There are many chances for expats in the hospitality and tourism sectors in Malaysia, a well-liked tourist destination.

You can use job search engines like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor to find expat positions in Malaysia, or you can get in touch with staffing firms that specialize in putting foreign nationals there.

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Jobs with High Salary in Malaysia

Some of the best paying positions in Malaysia are often found in the following sectors:

  • Medical: In Malaysia, doctors, surgeons, and specialists frequently have high pay.
  • Engineering: Engineers are in high demand and can command high wages, particularly those with specific knowledge and expertise in fields like petroleum, electrical, and computer engineering.
  • Information technology: IT specialists, such as software developers, network administrators, and data analysts, can command significant wages.
  • Finance: In Malaysia, especially in the banking and financial services industries, financial analysts, investment bankers, and accountants can make significant incomes.
  • Sales and Marketing: Sales and marketing specialists can earn high incomes in Malaysia, particularly if they have expertise in industries like medicines, technology, and consumer products.

It’s important to note that salaries might vary depending on a number of variables, including the size of the firm, the industry, the location, and the education and experience of the individual.

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