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MIT Scholarships

Are you so obsessed with studying at MIT university, but it seems impossible of the high expenses and tuition fees? Then this post is for you as I will introduce MIT Scholarships.

MIT Scholarships is a way to help students who can not afford the high expenses of the university. Its no doubt that MIT is one of the best technology universities to study in. That is why I will be explaining in detail all the necessary information you need on MIT scholarships.

MIT Scholarships – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The private university Massachusetts Institute of Technology, founded in 1861, is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. The university occupies a space of 166 acres with about 5,000 undergraduate students and a gender distribution percentage of 46% female and 54% male.

Almost every year, MIT has managed to place among the top 5 universities in the world. Although the university has five schools offering education in various fields, scientific and technological research is unquestionably where its main emphasis lies.

MIT has the following schools under it:

  1. School of Architecture and Planning
  2. School of Engineering
  3. School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
  4. Sloan School of Management
  5. School of Science

The applicants at MIT are required to live on campus, as are nearly 70% of all undergraduate students.

The research university is a top-notch institution for receiving higher education, and its urban location fosters the next generation of intellectual leaders.

MIT Scholarships Program

MIT Scholarships

MIT gives out scholarships based on need and is funded by endowed funds, gifts from MIT alums and friends, and general MIT funds. If you apply for financial aid and complete the CSS PROFILE, applicants will be automatically considered for an MIT scholarship.

Scholarship recipients must complete an annual Student Information Review Form that tells us about their background, passions, and experiences. In order to match you with the appropriate scholarship.

The information about their scholarship recipients is attractive to their scholarship donors. As a result, they might ask you to write a thank-you note to your donor for their support and to share your experiences.

MIT scholarships aim to support students in earning their desired university degrees. For second-year and incoming students, numerous merit-based, competitive scholarships and fellowships are available.

However, they only award these scholarships to incoming students after a thorough review procedure independent of acceptance.

All students can apply for MIT scholarships and fellowships according to merit and eligibility. Except for the Legatum Fellowship and the MIT Public Service Center Fellowships, both awarded by their respective organizations.

Scholarships are the funding options they offer to pay for all of your educational costs; you are not to repay the money they give you. However, some requirements must be met for the institution to award MIT Scholarships to first- and second-year students.

MIT awarded scholarships based on financial need, academic merit, and grants. However, students that are still in class at MIT are also eligible for need-based scholarships. Scholarships are available to graduate and students that are still in class, but fellowships are only given to graduates, while grants are given to undergraduates.



MIT International Scholarships

MIT Scholarships

The same application process is used for all applicants when considering international students for financial aid. Just like they do for students who are from same country, MIT is dedicated to giving 100% of decided financial needs for international students.

All of their admitted students should be able to attend MIT, so this is a priority. In order for applicants to be able to attend MIT and pay for their expenses while they are here, their financial aid team closely collaborates with applicants and their families to develop a plan tailored to their financial situation.

How to apply

In order to make the process of applying for financial aid more straightforward, we have broken it down. MIT must know your financial situation to determine how much aid you will receive. Two documents that provide a thorough overview of the types of aid you will need to attend MIT affordably is used to accomplish this.

Applying for aid involves two steps.

  1. CSS profile: We use the CSS Profile, a tool the College Board provides, to determine whether you are eligible for a need-based scholarship. MIT Fellowship
  2. Parental tax returns or income documentation: The College Board’s secure IDOC platform should be used to submit your parents’ tax returns or income documentation. If your parents reside outside of the United States, kindly enclose their tax return from that nation, along with, if necessary, an English translation.

MIT India Scholarships

MIT Scholarships

International students are not eligible for federal scholarships and grants, whereas domestic students are. Therefore, if people are unable to obtain internal MIT Scholarships, they can choose to apply for scholarships in their nations.

Some MIT Scholarships that Indian students can apply for to study at MIT.

Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships


  1. Tuition fees
  2. Healthcare expenses
  3. Partial living expenses


  1. Minimum 55% in bachelor’s program
  2. Community service experience
  3. Three years of work experience (minimum)

Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships


  1. Up to 100,000 USD
  2. Minimum 70% in bachelor’s program


  1. Applicants should be below 30 years of age

JN Tata Endowment For Higher Education of Indians


  1. Loan scholarship between 1,00,000 and 10,00,000 INR
  2. An additional gift worth INR 75,000 (depending on the case)
  3. Minimum 60% in bachelor’s degree


  1. Enrolling in a two-year master’s program
  2. Below 45 years of age

KC Mahindra Education Trust Scholarship


  1. Interest-free loan of INR 4,00,000 to 8,00,000
  2. Minimum 65% in bachelor’s program


  1. Below 30 years of age.


Sat score for MIT Scholarship

To be admitted to MIT Scholarships, standardized exams like the SAT and ACT are necessary. The College Board administers the SAT for admission to MIT. The MIT SAT aids the Institute in determining whether applicants are qualified for their advanced coursework.

Since 2020, the MIT SAT subject exams have been permanently discontinued. As a result, admissions no longer require the SAT subject tests. MIT’s SAT exam requirement had previously been suspended by Stu Schmill, dean of admissions and student financial services, because of the disruption caused by Covid-19.

Schmill has now reinstated the MIT SAT and ACT requirements. He bases this on his conviction that requiring testing is more fair and open than allowing students to opt-out, particularly when the standardized test has a math component. Education disparities is created, and student success at MIT is challenging to predict when SAT MIT scores are absent.

Requirements For SAT Exam For MIT

According to Bob Schaeffer, the executive director of the National Centre for Fair and Open Testing, also known as the Fair Test, MIT does not base its decision to accept a student on the student’s SAT score but rather on how the score predicts the student’s readiness to succeed at MIT and overcome challenges.

In light of this, MIT requires a GPA and SAT or ACT scores as part of the application process. However, the ACT’s optional essay writing section and the writing portion are not necessary for admission to MIT.

SAT Score To Get Into MIT

Depending on the application cycle, the SAT requirements for MIT college admissions may change. There is no recommended or cutoff SAT score for admission to MIT. Since MIT doesn’t think that scores should be perfect, the applicants’ scores are evaluated in the context of the applicant.

Although there are no set minimum or maximum SAT scores, candidates accepted to MIT typically fall within a specific range. Students accepted into MIT have the following percentile scores:

The new SAT score’s 25th percentile is 1500.

The new SAT scores fall into the 75th percentile at 1570.

This demonstrates that achieving an SAT score of 1500 places you below the MIT average.

Your SAT score must be at least 1570 to put you above the average, and as your score rises, so does your rank.

MIT Scholarships- Required Documents

Students applying for admission to MIT must submit specific proofs with their application. Here is a list of the supporting documentation needed for MIT admission and MIT scholarships.

Documents required for MIT admission:

  1. Biographical Form
  2. Standardized test scores (any one of the following)
  3. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Testing (ACT) as well as 2 SAT subjects (one in Sciences and one in Math)
  4. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as well as 2 SAT subjects (One in Sciences and one in Math)

For more information on this, check the MIT admission website for the following:

  1. Academics, Essays, and Extra-curricular activities
  2. Secondary School Reports
  3. CSS Profile and application
  4. Family Income Statement/ Tax Returns
  5. In case the parents of the applicant are divorced, the applicant needs to submit the non-custodial parent’s profile.

How to apply for MIT Scholarships

The applicant must register at the College Board-College Scholarship Service’s online application portal to submit an application for a financial grant through MIT scholarships (CSS).

The following lists the steps to applying for a financial grant through MIT scholarships:

Step 1: Apply for MIT admission.

To receive an MIT scholarship, apply for admission to a specific course at MIT University.

Step 2: Visit the MIT website

Visit the official MIT website.

Click on ‘fill out the CSS profile to access the online application portal for financial aid.

Step 3: Go through instructions for ‘International Applicants’

Before filling out the application, the candidate must read the instructions on completing the CSS profile as ‘International Applicants.’

Step 4: Register

Register as an applicant and log in to continue

Fill in the application form with the required details.

Step 5: Attach the necessary documents

Attach the necessary and required documents (mentioned below) along with the application

Go through the application form thoroughly to avoid any misinformation or errors.

Step 6: Submit the application

After a quick revision of the application form and the attached documents, submit the application form.


Tips for Getting MIT Scholarships

Here are some fundamental stages to guide you through the application for MIT Scholarships:

  1. All of your important documents should be prepared in advance.
  2. To stay current with events, it is essential to have ongoing conversations with peers.
  3. When applying for an MIT scholarship, be as genuine as you can.
  4. It is crucial to thoroughly and diligently check your scholarship application document.
  5. Apply for MIT scholarships from both inside and outside sources.


  1. How much is MIT full tuition

The cost of attendance for the 2022–2023 academic year is $79,850. ⁠It includes costs that are billed by MIT, such as tuition, housing, and dining, and estimates for other expenses, such as books, supplies, and personal expenses. We use this budget to determine financial aid for every student.

2. Is MIT a good school to attend?

On our list of expensive colleges that are well worth the money, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, comes in first place. MIT is ranked #6 on College Scorecard’s overall Best Value ranking and has an average annual net cost of $21,816.

3. Is Harvard better than MIT?

With an average SAT score of 1545 and an ACT score of 35, MIT students marginally outperform Harvard students in terms of standardized test results (1520 and 34, respectively). Overall, these minor variations are negligible, indicating that both schools are extremely competitive.

4. What are the best courses to study at MIT?

The most popular majors at Massachusetts Institute of Technology include: Computer Science; Mechanical Engineering; Mathematics, General; Physics, General; Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical/Space Engineering, General; Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering; Econometrics and Quantitative Economics; Electrical and Electronics Engineering; Biology/Biological Sciences, General; and Mathematics and Computer Science


Despite being one of the best colleges in the world, attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can be expensive. At MIT, the average annual tuition is about $53,450. MIT scholarships and fellowships can help Indian students offset this prohibitive expense. The Institute only awards scholarships to students who need them financially.

After being accepted to MIT, applicants can submit a financial aid application. Indian students must also apply for external scholarships because it can be challenging to receive internal MIT Scholarships. Review the information, steps, and advice for MIT Scholarships to prepare better.

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