Real Estate Agent Salary In Los Angeles

Real Estate Agent Salary In Los Angeles

A real estate agent is a qualified individual who coordinates real estate transactions by connecting buyers and sellers and representing them in discussions. The ability to consummate a deal determines how much money a real estate agent makes since commissions, often a percentage of the property’s selling price, make up most of their compensation. Real Estate Agent Salary In Los Angeles

In virtually every state, a real estate agent must work for or be associated with a real estate broker (either a person or a brokerage business) who is more skilled and has a higher level of licensing.

How a Real Estate Agent Operates

Typically, real estate brokers focus on commercial or residential properties. Whether they work for the buyer or the seller, they each have different responsibilities. Agents that represent the seller, also known as listing agents, provide customers advice on how to price a property and get it ready for a sale. They often advise on quick fixes that might increase the price or prompt fast bids. Agents for the seller publicize the property through networking, listing services, and other means. Real Estate Agent Salary In Los Angeles

Buyer-side agents look for residences within the buyer’s price range and desire list. To assist potential buyers come up with a reasonable offer, these brokers frequently review historical sales information on comparable homes.

Agents serve as the primary parties’ middlemen, escorting back-and-forth queries, offers, and counteroffers. Agents on both sides frequently keep working after a bid is approved, assisting their clients with the paperwork, relaying conversations, offering guidance on inspections and relocation, and guiding the sale through to closure. Real Estate Agent Salary In Los Angeles

Customers must understand if a real estate agent works for the buyer, the seller, or both parties; this may have a significant impact on the pricing and other aspects of the deal. State laws govern the legality of “dual agency,” the practice of an agent representing two parties in a real estate transaction. To avoid potential conflicts of interest, agents must identify who they are working for to buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Agent Salary In Los Angeles

Real estate agents in Los Angeles make an average of $101,869 a year. That comes to about $48.98 an hour, in case you need a quick pay calculator. This amounts to $8,489 every month or $1,959 per week.

Although reports salaries as high as $210,230 and as low as $19,446, the majority of Real Estate Agent salaries currently fall between $63,068 (25th percentile) and $105,114 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) in Los Angeles making $155,044 annually.

According to skill level, region, and years of experience, the typical salary range for a real estate agent can vary substantially (up to $42,046), indicating that there may be several prospects for growth and improved compensation. Real Estate Agent Salary In Los Angeles

According to recent job ads on, there is a strong need for Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles, California, and the neighborhood.

As millions of current jobs are listed locally across America, regularly checks its database to get the most precise yearly pay range for Real Estate Agent positions. Real Estate Agent Salary In Los Angeles

How Much Do LA Estate Agents Earn

You might have chosen the incorrect career if you got into real estate to become wealthy.

That is what salary pollsters will tell you, at least. Most wage studies will inform you that a real estate agent in the United States makes just $39,800 yearly on average. How Much Do LA Estate Agents Earn

Most agents don’t even make that much, which is the average.

However, some real estate brokers do get wealthy. How do they do it? That’s the central question.

You must comprehend one straightforward fact to succeed in real estate. How Much Do LA Estate Agents Earn

You may market these items for $39,800:

  • With a $2,000 commission, 20 houses
  • ten houses, $4,000 commission
  • A $10,000 commission on four houses
  • a $20,000 commission on two houses

Most real estate brokers are unaware that selling those 20 less costly properties requires far more effort than selling those two wealthy homes. How Much Do LA Estate Agents Earn

You could earn $39,800 monthly if you could sell two high-end residences. That amounts to about $500,000 each year. How Much Do LA Estate Agents Earn

In Contrast

Why, then, don’t more agents focus on the pricier properties?

It’s easy to understand why. I have found that fear is the main deterrent for real estate agents who want to enter the luxury market. How Much Do LA Estate Agents Earn

Most real estate brokers market houses in neighborhoods where they feel most at ease. Customers who can afford to buy $200,000 homes are the ones who will be the simplest to draw in. How Much Do LA Estate Agents Earn

There is a fear of the unknown since agents are not accustomed to working with affluent individuals living in luxury homes or visiting or selling them. But does this anxiety have any basis?

According to a particular scientific report summarized in a New York Magazine story, affluent individuals lack empathy, are insensitive, and disdain other people. They tend to cheat and are much more prone to act rudely behind the wheel. How Much Do LA Estate Agents Earn

Can You Make Money As A Real Estate Agent In Los Angeles?

One of the finest realtors in Los Angeles, Aaron Kirman, has sold about $6 billion worth of real estate in his 25-year career. Real Estate Agent Salary In Los Angeles

He frequently sells multimillion-dollar houses, including one residence, for a staggering $65 million, and he assists homeowners in selling their opulent real estate on his new CNBC show, “Listing Impossible.” He also oversees the Aaron Kirman Group (AKG), a real estate business he founded in 2017 and has since expanded from seven agents to around 70.

One of the biggest misunderstandings about the industry is that all real estate brokers make a ton of money. While Kirman is a top realtor and earns seven figures, not all agents do. Real Estate Agent Salary In Los Angeles

When I spent a day with him from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., he informed me, “On average, agents make anything between $30,000 and $50,000, which isn’t what the public thinks they make. Given the fiercely competitive market, “It’s a lot less than you anticipate.”

Since “it takes roughly a year to sell something,” he claims, entry-level agents might earn even less than that.

Kirman tells me what it takes to succeed in the competitive sector during the day I spend with him. His three success factors are as follows:

The time must be invested.

Even Kirman, one of the most successful agents in the nation, puts in long days that sometimes go beyond 9 p.m. It’s a common notion that realtors, especially those at the top, must put forth more effort. He informs me that it is a difficult job. “There are many subtleties that make it quite difficult.”

He claims that “60% of it is showing up” when it comes to success. You need to put in a lot of effort.

Even though he clocks many hours, he notes that “it’s in a different format than most [jobs].” “I don’t work or sit in an office. I’m on the go.

You must be ruthlessly sincere.

Although Kirman has put a lot of effort into his job, he says for CNBC Make It, “I mainly owe my success to one secret: I’m brutally honest with my clients. It may take considerably longer for a property to sell if agents keep their customers from knowing what faults they’re making.

Two of our meetings on the day I spent with him involved evaluating the staging of houses almost ready to go on the market. Kirman kept his word and was forthright in his criticism. He said things like, “Hate the chandelier. Everything is horrible,” which was his first response to one specific home theater, to “We have got this down.”

You have awful taste, your house is worth considerably less than you believe, and the layout of your house is terrible, are some things he has had to tell people. Real Estate Agent Salary In Los Angeles

You have to understand people

The capacity to connect with your clientele is the final element of success.

Kirman thinks that to succeed, you must “understand what they want and what they don’t want.” He continues, “I consider myself a good salesperson, but it doesn’t mean I sell – it just means I know human nature.”


Becoming a real estate agent has many appealing characteristics, but success in the industry will take time and effort. The goals you set for yourself will guide you down the path to success and allow you to track your progress. You’ll be well on learning how to be a successful real estate agent if you use the steps above as a blueprint for your business systems.

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