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Restaurant Server Salary in The US

Restaurant Server Salary in The US

Before discussing the Restaurant Server Salary in The US, let us treat some overviews.

Servers are essential in the food service industry, and many restaurants provide both full- and part-time positions. By looking at the work requirements, restaurant server income in the US, and duties, you might be able to decide if this is the best employment for you.

In this article, we discuss the responsibilities and requirements of a server, the income and tips for servers, and the processes to getting a job as one.

What is the hourly wage for restaurant servers? and What do waiters truly get paid? What is the hourly rate for serving in restaurants? Before applying for restaurant server jobs in the US, many workers want to know the answers to these and other questions.

What does a server do?

A server frequently greets patrons, takes and serves food and drink orders, accepts payments, and provides change at full-service restaurants. They can work successfully with clients and staff to provide tourists with prompt, accurate service during their stay. Often, they handle the responsibilities of multiple tables in a region while working shifts in chaotic environments. The typical duties of a waiter include:

  • Greeting guests as they arrive, setting up and filling tables, getting customers’ exact food and drink orders, documenting them, and giving order slips to the kitchen so that meals can be prepared.
  • amiably and socially conversing with customers while having a basic comprehension of the menu offerings.
  • Giving recommendations to clients to ensure satisfied customers
  • Take the initiative and obligation to handle client issues during their visit
  • Collecting payments and, if necessary, dividing tables into different billing parties

How to get a server job

Even though formal education is not required to work as a waiter, there are a number of steps that must be taken. You might need to research a few requirements, skills, and safety precautions to improve your chances of getting the job. By doing the following, you can get ready for a career as a waiter in the restaurant industry:

Obtain a high school diploma

No formal schooling is necessary to operate as a server. But before applying to work as a waiter, several restaurants require applicants to have a high school education or its equivalent. You might wish to find out which restaurants in your area don’t need their waiters to have a high school certificate if you don’t have one. In the US, restaurant servers who have diplomas typically make more money than those who don’t.

Plan dining-out excursions

Before you prepare to apply for work as a waiter, think about visiting the restaurants you have in mind. Be sure to check out a few restaurants in case your preferred choice isn’t open. The food industry still confronts competition despite its expansion. Determine the distance you want to travel and how it will fit into your current schedule.

Once you’ve made your decision, visit each restaurant independently to check out the various hours of operation. Keep an eye out for the atmosphere, how others treat the servers, how the manager treats the servers, and how your server treats you. To select the best restaurant during your visits, consider the following questions:
If the waiters you converse with are willing, ask them for their phone number or email so you may contact them to learn more about the restaurant you want to work at. You might want to make sure you respect their privacy by asking simple questions that are easy to answer.

Keep in mind that if you are hired as a waitress at the restaurant you are describing, they will be your coworkers. After choosing which restaurants to send a request to, it is time to begin your application.

Create a resume.

One of the key factors that determine whether you may get a job as a server without any prior serving experience is your CV. Highlighting any prior experience you may have in different entry-level businesses on your CV and during the manager, the interview may be essential.

You can distinguish yourself from other applicants for volunteer jobs by highlighting your hobbies and any academic successes you may have. Although neither is required, any form of a college degree or college course history will help you improve your chances of landing a job in the service industry. On your CV, you can list the following examples of skills:

Client Services

Throughout the application process for a serving function, you may use any customer service position. Employers favour servers who are proactive, affable, and genuinely concerned about the happiness of their customers. It’s a great idea to mention previous customer service experience on a resume and in interviews. Having a social job, whether it was as a cashier, shop assistant, or in any other form of receptionist desk role, strengthens your CV for working as a server.

Related interests or pastimes

There is no need that resumes solely contain summaries pertaining to occupations. Please briefly list any hobbies you believe are applicable to this position. Examples of these experiences include becoming a leader in high school or college social activities or having a passion for cooking or baking.

Earlier Education

In both your CV and the interview, it’s important to highlight any education you’ve completed that is related to serving responsibilities. Community colleges provide culinary classes or courses in food preparation, even to students who are not pursuing a full degree. You might be eligible to apply for server employment in upmarket or fine dining venues if you enrol in those courses or ones that are comparable.

Submit a server job application

Before scheduling your interview, you might want to consider your attire, the time of day, and the restaurant’s current staffing situation. When you ask for an interview with the restaurant manager and submit an application for the position, you can take the following actions to offer yourself the greatest chance possible:

Dress formally.

Make sure your appearance is tidy, clean, and appropriate for an interview. In this situation, as in the majority of interviews, first impressions matter. For instance, if you’re attending an interview for a position in a fine dining restaurant, you might want to dress more professionally.

Apply when it is appropriate.

Think about submitting an application just prior to a busy season, such as the last few months of spring or a holiday. Before the season change, the restaurant might be more open to hiring more servers.

Show up on time.

Speak with the management later, when it won’t be as busy. Before applying, if you usually frequented the restaurant, you shouldn’t have any trouble remembering or setting this time aside. Consider going often before your interview so that the staff members will get to know you and remember your name and face.

Develop your fundamental server abilities at home to get ready for training

No matter how the interview went in the first place you thought about, improving your basic serving skills will help you in the long run.

Shortening your training term and making it simpler to start working as soon as you do get employed may result in applying for additional employment even if you don’t obtain your initial pick while developing these server skills at home:

  • Food and drink plates on a serving tray.
  • Get comfortable opening wine bottles with a wine key.
  • Develop your fundamental math skills.

Advice for a Restaurant Server job interview

No matter how the interview went in the first place you thought about, improving your basic serving skills will help you in the long run. Shortening your training term and making it simpler to start working as soon as you do get employed may result in applying for additional employment even if you don’t obtain your initial pick while developing these server skills at home:

  • Food and drink plates on a serving tray.
  • Get comfortable opening wine bottles with a wine key.
  • Practice your fundamental math skills

How to Improve Your Restaurant Serving Skills as a Restaurant Server

The abilities demonstrated are a significant factor in determining restaurant server salaries in the US. If you show that you are a valuable asset, restaurant owners will be eager to pay for your services. If you have a solid foundation in the abilities required to provide professional service, you can bargain for a higher wage when applying for waiter jobs in the US.

Restaurant Server Salary in US

We have seen how to become a server in the US step by step, but how much is Restaurant Server Salary in US? Does the monthly payment for American waiters reflect the effort they put out at work? All of these factors, along with a great number more, might either encourage or dissuade someone from working as a waiter in the US.

In the US, restaurant servers make an average of $24,558 per year. The highest 10% of earners have annual incomes exceeding $37,000, while the bottom 10% have annual incomes of under $15,000. If you’re curious about the hourly wage for restaurant servers, read on. Based on the estimate above, their hourly wage is $12.

Best States With The Highest Restaurant Server Salary in US

There are places in the US that pay better restaurant server salaries than others when it comes to starting a career as a waiter. California, Washington, Massachusetts, and Vermont are the best states to live in if you fall into this category. Waiters in restaurants make an average of $32,428 per year in California.

In Massachusetts and Washington, servers would make an average salary of $30,709 and $30,647, respectively. Although only $29,148 on average, this is still more than the national average for restaurant servers. We discovered that these states have the most jobs and the highest pay. By calculating the median wage, the cost of living, and the Location Quotient from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we were able to narrow down our list of states to these four.

In the US, the location and type of restaurant have a significant impact on waiters’ pay. Restaurant servers in the US typically earn more in crowded, urban regions than they do in sparsely populated rural areas.


Serving and waiting tables may be rewarding careers, especially for newcomers to the business. It might be even more gratifying if you are ready to learn and develop your career in the food service industry.

A great spot to begin your career as a restaurant server is the United States. The United States has a wealthy lifestyle and a large population, which has led to an increase in restaurant server salaries as the industry expands.

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