Stoke City Academy Trials 2022/2023 – How To Join

Stock City Academy

Stoke City Academy is one of the most famous academies around the world. The school is renowned for fostering young talent and allowing them to display their abilities.

Stoke City Academy should be on your list if you’re a young footballer seeking to join an academy. This article will examine the steps to becoming a Stoke City Academy member.


A group of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals supports Stoke City Academy’s premier football coaching and development program.
At SC Academy, athletes are coached using contemporary methods and technology to improve their performance.

In light of the changes to the academy system of football. Academy Categories One clubs are allowed to recruit players from all over the nation (U12plus).

FA has reviewed this policy, arguing that the top talent ought to be given the right to be in the best Academy even if they don’t reside nearby.

Before that, Category One clubs could only take on players who lived within a 90-minute distance from the school.

This will increase our local talent pool to compete on the global stage by providing the best talent with the best opportunities to be successful.

SC Academy is hiring more host families to take in young, talented students in safe, secure homes.


Stock City Football Club

One of the first English football teams was Stoke. They were previously known as Stoke Ramblers, but since 1925 they’ve played under the name of Stoke City.

The years 1933-53 were among the club’s most successful years in terms of performance. They played in the top leagues during that period and twice reached fourth place.

Also, they won their first Football League Cup in 1972 and 1972, and in 2011 they appeared in the FA Cup final for the first time. Throughout the club’s history, Stanley Matthews, Neil Franklin, Gordon Banks, and Jimmy Greenhoff are some of the most famous player names.

Stock City Trials 2022/2023

It is the first thing to do: sign up to take an exam. This can be done by going to SC Academy’s website. SC Academy website and clicking on the “Register for Assessment” button.

After you’ve registered after registering, you’ll need to take part in an initial trial. The trial is an opportunity for academy personnel to evaluate your abilities and determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for the Academy.

If you pass the test, you’ll receive an invitation to join the Academy. You must choose the age group that best fits you because the Academy has a variety of age groups.

How do I get an opportunity to test the Stoke City Academy?

The players must be observed in the right places at the correct times to be selected for a test for the SC Academy.

A few footballers prefer to contact clubs directly via links to their videos of them playing, but it’s essential to keep it in mind that clubs get thousands of these videos every week and don’t have enough time to view them all at the same time as they conduct their business as usual.

The best way to get noticed for an audition at The Stoke City Academy is to enroll in a Stoke City Soccer School..

Since everybody can participate in their soccer clubs and clubs, it opens the possibility for all to be noticed. Scouts typically select youngsters from soccer classes and invite them for a try at the development centers of Stoke City Academy.

How to get scouted by a Stoke City Academy scout

stoke city

The players could be offered a trial with Scouts from the SC Academy. While many players are lucky sufficient to find themselves in appropriate places when scouts are in the stands, Stoke City is also aware that great talent may be elusive.

Therefore they offer players the option of contacting them directly through the contact details listed below.

Because of the sheer volume of applications, it’s natural that they cannot reply to every request. However, this can be an excellent method to inform scouts about those looking to progress their playing skills and receive an opportunity to test SC Academy. SC Academy.

The information below needs to be scouted by an audition for the Stoke City Academy.

  1. PlayersCV
  2. Cover letter
  3. The vital stats of players include age, position, date of birth, weight, height, contact details (email, phone, address), and former clubs. Information on the trials they’ve already been to and any official distinctions they may have earned (such as those from their school, district, and county).
  4. Schools where players attend
  5. The list of fixtures for the current players, with kick-off times and location, should be given to your scout.

Once you have collated all of the above information, email Stoke City Academy via this address:

After review of your application, Stoke City Academy will decide whether they’ll send a scout for the game.

Required Qualifications for Joining the Stoke City Academy.

There are no prerequisites for joining the SC Academy, but players must be registered with Stoke City FC in good standing in order to be given consideration for a spot there.

The following prerequisites must be satisfied by players in order to be registered as Stoke City FC members:

Also, read the Our Lady of Perpetual Help initiative.

How to Join Stoke City Academy

From 2022 to 2023, Stoke City will be accepting applications for its academy trials. If you’d like to be a part of the Stoke City Academy, follow the following procedure.

1. Find out if you’re eligible to go. To take part in Stock City Academy, you must reside in the city and be between 16 to 21.

2. Register With Stoke City

The first step to join to the Stoke City Academy is to sign up with the Club. You can do this on the Stoke City website.


You’ll need to establish a profile and then provide certain personal information. Fill out the application. The process involves the submission of the application, interacting with the school’s officials, and then taking the placement test.

3. Complete The Academy Trial Application

Once you’ve signed up for registration with Stoke City, you will be able to fill out an Academy Trial Application. The form will require additional details, including your football history as well as your current position on the field.

4. Wait For The Response

Following submission of the Academy Trial Application, you must wait for the Club to respond. The Club will then invite you to take part in an academy trial if you are successful. If you are unsuccessful, you will be informed and given the opportunity to reapply the following year.

  1. Take part in a session of orientation. If you are accepted to this school, you must attend an orientation. The orientation workshop will outline the policies of your institution.
  2. Get your classes going. You can begin taking classes once the orientation procedure is over. The classes typically take place between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays.

How To Apply For Stoke City Academy Trials 2022/2023

To apply for a spot for the Stoke City Academy Trials, players first need to make an application for the trial with Stoke City FC.

To register, players must complete the Stoke City FC Academy Registration Form and submit it to the academy office at the Bet365 Stadium.
You can reach the Academy Office by phone at 01782 367599 or by email at 65***

The Category Of SC Academy

stoke city

Stoke has also experienced a series of achievements and successes in the development of players. Since Stoke City’s Academy received the category One accreditation, they might predict the outcomes of numerous talented young players.

Stoke City Under -21 Team and the place they play

If you are referring to the Stoke City under-21 team, you’re referring to the club’s senior squad and its previous reserve team. The Stoke City Under-23 team serves as the team’s backup.

They play within division 2 in the Premier League. The team also plays at tournaments such as the Staffordshire Senior Cup and Premier League Cup.

Bet365 Stadium, St. George’s Park in Burton-on-Trent, and The club’s Clayton Wood Training Ground are where they play their home games.

The team has previously played at the Lyme Valley Stadium in Newcastle-under-Lyme, the Moss Rose in Macclesfield Town, the Weaver Stadium in Nantwich Town, and Harrison Park in Lee.

Recent Developments in Stoke City Football Academy.

Since the beginning, Stoke City has dreamed of making young players better and displaying their talent to the world in their soccer careers. Since the launch of the Stoke City Youth academy, the dream has not yet become a reality.

The Potters have always been keen to nurture local talent, starting with players like Sir Stanley Matthews, Freddie Steele as well as Neil Franklin, the local back in the 1970s, to players such as Andy Wilkinson, Ryan Shotton as well as Tom Edwards.

Since 1952, the year that it was the first time that FA Youth Cup competition was first staged, the city has played in games competitions with youth teams.

The club reached the semifinals of 1984. They won the Midland Melville Cup in 1996 after reaching two semifinals in 1955 and 1961.

To help develop better students, the Stoke City FC Academy at WISS is a top-of-the-line football academy that provides students with the best instruction by qualified Stoke City Football Club coaches and is now open to help specific students who are so exceptional.

Three Stoke City FC football coaches will spend the entire school year at WISS assisting students who were admitted into the Academy.

It’s an excellent opportunity for students to study under instructors with advanced degrees and had played professional football. In addition, students have the chance to travel to the UK and play at the Academy that is still young, Stoke City FC.


1. How do I sign up for an academy of football in the UK?

If representatives of clubs representing England visit your area to get an official offer, you must take part.

Manchester United, Liverpool, and other top teams send scouts looking for promising young talent similar to you. Don’t be afraid to agree with the terms you agree to if selected.

2. What is the ideal age to start a Football academy?

The best age to enroll in an academy is typically 13 years old. It is advised to sign professional contracts before the age of 18, since this is when they are often signed. Each situation is unique. No matter what others suggest, you can take up a job as a professional athlete.

3. What are the categories of the stock city academy of football?

They have experienced a series of achievements and successes in the development of players. Stoke City may expect to develop a large number of talented young players as a result of this academy’s designation as Category One.


The above details are all required to be a part of the city-based football academy. However, you may look into other academies if your application is denied.

There’s no specific information required to join a football academy. You must go to the official site and then register by paying the required registration fee.

A few examples of Football academies that you could look into include the ones below.

La Masia ( which belongs to Barcelona football club)

Manchester soccer academy ( Manchester United club)

Borussia Dortmund ( which belongs to the Borussia Dortmund football club)

Bayern Munich ( which belongs to the Bayern Munich club)

The mentioned football academies are famous for their impressive efficiency in the last few years. Many great players who turn out as ideal role models have come from these schools. This proves that you can, too, be incredible.

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