Top 15 Good Jobs for Teens that Pay Well

In this post (Good Jobs for Teens) we list some of the greatest careers for teenagers and explain why they make excellent entry-level positions. We will also look into the following subheadings: Good Summer Jobs For Teens, Good Jobs for Teens with Anxiety, Assistant for grooming pets and Babysitter jobs.

As a teen, you might look into potential means of making money without falling behind in your studies or extracurricular activities. Teenagers can, fortunately, find part-time jobs where they can earn money and develop important skills and work experience. Many managers will train and prepare kids for the responsibilities of a part-time job by working with them.

Teenagers typically spend the majority of the week attending school, so part-time jobs that offer weekend and evening shifts are ideal. As many of these part-time jobs require little to no experience to pursue, they can be excellent entry-level positions for teenagers. Teens may be able to work more flexibly to fit in such part-time jobs with their schoolwork and extracurricular activities.

Pursuing these professions as a teen will help you build the necessary soft skills as you prepare for college or full-time careers in the future. Additionally, you might acquire relevant work experience that you can list on your resume or college application.

Top 15 Good Jobs for Teens

Teens can pursue a variety of jobs depending on their schedules, interests, and skill sets. Teens can learn customer service skills from a physical job, whereas an internet job might teach them technological or writing abilities.
The top 15 careers for teenagers are shown below:

1. Kennel assistant

The national average wage for kennel assistants is $12.08 per hour.
primary obligations: Kennel attendants provide care for dogs and cats in animal shelters or veterinary offices. They will feed animals, clean cages, groom them, walk them, bathe them, and administer medication. Additionally, they may welcome visitors who are dropping off dogs and cats or register visitors who come to see the animals.

2. A fast-food worker

$12.36 is the average hourly wage in the country.
primary obligations: Fast food workers prepare and serve clients’ meals or beverages in a fast food setting. They can be employed as order takers, either in front of the counter or in the drive-thru. To respond to inquiries from consumers about specific menu items, fast food employees must be familiar with the various ingredients used in such foods. Additionally, they might clean the tables, floors, doors, and windows in the lobby and restrooms.

3. A cashier at a supermarket

National average hourly wage: $12.99
The main responsibilities of grocery store cashiers are to scan clients’ purchases, bag their purchases, receive payments, and give back change while working behind a cash register. Besides taking inventory, stocking shelves, and helping customers find products, grocery store cashiers may also stock shelves.

4. Attendant at a car wash

National average hourly wage: $13.20
primary obligations: A car wash attendant cleans, polishes, and shines automobiles. In a prompt and effective manner, they will clean the interior and exterior of cars. Other duties include cleaning the inside of the automobile, removing rubbish, using soap to wash the outside of the car, polishing the car, and drying it.

5. Host or hostess of a restaurant

National average hourly wage: $13.35
As patrons enter the restaurant, hosts and hostesses welcome them and direct them to their tables. They are frequently in charge of seated guests at their preferred table and making sure servers have a balanced number of patrons in each of their areas. Making reservations, handling phone calls, and responding to consumer inquiries are examples of additional duties.

6. Barista

National average hourly wage: $13.75
primary obligations: A barista prepares customers’ coffee-related beverages at a coffee shop. To make delectable cocktails, they will memorize and adhere to particular recipes. In addition, baristas must greet guests, respond to any inquiries about the menu, take inventory, and keep the lobby area neat for patrons.

7. Lifeguard

National average hourly wage: $13.80
Primary responsibilities: Lifeguards watch after swimmers at swimming holes, beaches, and aquatic facilities. Monitoring the water area to make sure swimmers adhere to safety precautions and rescuing drowning or struggling swimmers are additional duties. They have received training and certification in first aid, CPR, and proper safety practices. Exams that assess a lifeguard’s swimming prowess are also required. (According to the American Red Cross, a lifeguard training course requires a minimum age of 15 years old to pass.)

8. Worker at a concession stand

$14.19 is the average hourly wage in the country.
The main responsibilities of concession stand employees are to provide patrons food and beverages at various events. They will take visitors’ orders for food and drinks, handle payments, and give out change. Workers at the concession stand are also responsible for maintaining the space neat and appealing.

9. Retail sales representative

$14.38 is the average hourly wage in the country.
Retail sales representatives’ main responsibilities are to welcome clients, sell goods, and respond to any questions. Additionally, they are in charge of helping customers with any needs, exchanging or returning goods, taking inventory, and maintaining a clean and orderly environment in the store throughout the day.

10. Assistant librarian

$14.92 is the average hourly wage in the country.
Primary responsibilities of library assistants include assisting patrons in finding books and checking them out. Additionally, they will help librarians with book shelving, inventory, and older document digitization projects.

11. Restaurant Server

$15,22 is the average hourly wage in the country.
Restaurant servers’ main responsibilities are to take down orders from guests and then deliver their meals. They will bring customers food, drinks, condiments, or other requests in order to make sure they have a positive experience. If hosts are not present, servers might prepare customers’ checks, clean and wash off tables, and lead guests to their seats.

12. A Housekeeper

National average hourly wage: $16.65
House cleaners’ main responsibilities include making sure a home or certain rooms are well cleaned. Sweeping, vacuuming, washing and drying clothing, dusting, cleaning toilets and bathtubs, wiping down counters, and washing dishes are some examples of common chores.

13. Dog walker

The national average wage for dog walkers is $17.16 per hour.
Dog walkers’ main responsibilities are to walk and take care of pets while their owners are away. They will see to it that dogs get enough exercise, are walked in safety to and from their homes, and have food and drink. Dog walkers may be required to take dogs for walks at predetermined times each day in all types of weather.

14. Babysitter

National average hourly wage: $20.98
Babysitters’ main responsibilities are to look over and take care of kids while the parents are away. They could be in charge of activities like feeding, transporting, and bathing kids. Babysitters and nannies can enroll in classes to earn certification in CPR or first aid procedures so they can treat children more effectively in an emergency.

15. Tutor

National average pay for tutors is $24.78 per hour.
Primary responsibilities: Tutors work closely with students to develop their understanding in particular disciplines. They frequently assist with students who are having difficulty in a particular class to help explain complicated concepts in straightforward language. By studying with them and streamlining their lectures, tutors also assist pupils in improving their learning strategies.


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Good Summer Jobs For Teens

We sought the advice of recruiters and career coaches to assist recent high school grads in locating appropriate summer jobs. There are a variety of summer jobs that can assist college-bound kids in making some money, getting useful experience, and developing transferrable skills that will aid them in the future, from working in restaurants to operating a produce stand to obtaining employment in their future industries.
Following are 5 summer jobs for 2022 college-bound teenagers:

Jobs in Restaurants

A college-bound student can get a wonderful summer job by working at a restaurant. The peak season for dining is the summer, so tips add up rapidly. Young adults can develop crucial socialization skills through the in-person encounters they experience at restaurants. There is a wonderful chance to meet new people and work in a hectic setting because a restaurant frequently employs a youthful, vivacious workforce. On the other hand, acquiring valuable lessons in how to exercise patience, humility, and handle conflict will come from dealing with challenging managers, coworkers, or clients.


College freshmen might think about working as valets this summer. Valets frequently have positions in the service and hospitality sectors. Being a valet does not need the student to be considering a career in the service industry. However, it is a fantastic role to pick up some short-term experience. Customer service skills are valuable expertise in virtually every profession and are frequently required in positions in the hospitality sector. Students will benefit from having interpersonal skills and consumer interaction knowledge in their future employment. One of the hospitality jobs that gives young people significant possibilities to network is valet, which involves interacting with influential clients from a number of businesses. For their summer job, incoming college students can think about working as valets.

Editor for Social Media

Teenagers should think about working as social media editors for some local small enterprises. For instance, a downtown boutique or a well-known local restaurant will profit from a digital marketing plan. The younger generations are well-versed in popular digital platforms and the appropriate content for each. They can take advantage of this chance to take their initial steps into the working world before starting college in the fall.


A landscaper is a wonderful career choice for a kid who plans to attend college in the fall. The labor of landscaping is fairly consistent and simple to learn. Additionally, because they are employed seasonally, landscapers can easily make arrangements to return during college breaks. Getting some fresh air while working outside all day is a benefit in and of itself.

Jobs in Retail

Gain organization and financial skills by working in retail. Stores must be kept as spotless as possible, and clothing must be folded properly to look nice. Sales associates are in charge of maintaining cleanliness and handling money at the cash register, which might assist them with planning and finances when they are on their own. These abilities are the fundamental building blocks needed for college students to live independently.

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Good Jobs for Teens with Anxiety

If you suffer from social anxiety, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about other people’s opinions of what you say and do. You could frequently go out of your way to avoid situations where you think you’ll humiliate yourself or encounter rejection as a result of these worries.

However, this avoidance can put you in a difficult situation if you need money for a new pastime, your first automobile, a new outfit, or anything else. Each day’s commute to school can be difficult enough. Job applications may appear to be nothing more than a means of ensuring rejection. What happens if you secure a job that requires a lot of social interaction?

But it’s important to keep in mind that exposure therapy is frequently used in the treatment of social anxiety. A part-time employment can be a helpful step in this approach because exposure helps you strive to progressively feel more at ease with the cause of your anxiety.

A job gives you the chance to face your insecurities and anxieties of rejection, humiliation, and criticism. But it also has other advantages:

  • The payment
  • Beneficial experience for upcoming employment
  • The chance to meet a few new people

The small number of employment available to teenagers may make things more difficult, but we’ve got you covered. The ten choices for part-time work that may be suitable for those with social anxiety are listed below.

Restaurant personnel

Without waiting tables or seating guests, you can work in a restaurant. The majority of restaurants also employ specialized back-of-house personnel or kitchen staff to aid with dishwashing, dishcleaning, and meal preparation. With these tasks, you will primarily only remain in the kitchen, however you may also be asked to assist with cleanup after business hours.

Naturally, table busing, dishwashing, and food preparation duties require some interaction with coworkers, but you usually won’t have to deal with customer requests (or complaints). Just make sure to read the job description carefully to learn more about the role before applying. Remember that in order to work in a restaurant, you must also possess a food handler’s card.


Cashier or sales associate positions are generally the first that spring to mind when you think about retail careers. You might want to completely avoid retail professions because these forward-looking positions require a lot of customer service involvement. But in order to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, grocery and department stores also require a large workforce.

Depending on the business you work for, your duties as a stocker (or receiving associate) will include tagging and organizing things, preparing goods for sale, and assisting with the display of new products on the sales floor. Making a product inventory and assisting in keeping the store clean are possible additional responsibilities. On certain assignments, you’ll collaborate with coworkers; on others, you’ll work alone.

Some stocking jobs could desire a high school diploma or call for a minimum age of 18. A typical requirement is that you be able to lift and move 25 pounds.


Do you mind doing some filthy work? Perhaps you take great satisfaction in your ability to clean your home’s surfaces to a sparkling shine. Why not think about getting a job where you can use those skills and be paid?

Teenagers are frequently employed by cleaning and laundry services, while certain businesses may have an age requirement of at least 18. You might be able to obtain work that way because some hotels and offices also employ their own cleaning crew. Cleaning jobs frequently occur after regular office hours, and you can typically listen to music or audiobooks while working.

Where you work will determine specific responsibilities, but generally speaking, you’ll do things like:

  • Vacuum, sweep 
  • Empty trash cans. 
  • Dust 
  • Wash bathrooms
  • Wash any towels or linens.

Cleaning includes virtually little rest, so you’ll need to be at ease on your feet. Bending, reaching, and some lifting are also necessary for cleaning duties, however the exact requirements will depend on the kind of labor you’re doing.


It’s not necessary to be a straight-
Although having high grades can obviously assist, a student can also be a tutor. You might be particularly good at math or English. It’s possible that you feel more at ease and secure in your abilities when you’re working on academics. Thus, employing your skills as a tutor could increase social confidence while also paying you.

Some children find it difficult to concentrate in noisy environments or to understand new ideas after a teacher’s brief explanation. As a tutor, you will provide one-on-one or in-group assistance, going over certain terminology and concepts and assisting with homework or skill practice.

Many tutoring businesses demand that you are at least 18 years old, however others do recruit adolescents if you are old enough to work and possess the relevant qualifications. Even online tutoring positions may be available to you, which would alleviate the transportation issue. Advertising your services in your neighborhood and at school can also be effective, particularly if you don’t absolutely require a regular job.

Assistant for grooming pets

The term “kennel technician” may also apply to grooming roles, but these occupations don’t usually have the same responsibilities.

The majority of your work as a grooming assistant will involve bathing dogs (and sometimes the occasional cat), then drying and brushing them. During the grooming procedure, you’ll also assist in calming and diverting nervous pets, as well as cleaning up any messes they make. Typically, assistants won’t engage in much client interaction, but occasionally you may need to answer the phone or greet a visitor.

It should go without saying that you must adore dogs of all breeds. Additionally, you’ll need to be able to lift about 30 pounds. Some roles as a grooming assistant call for a high school diploma or prior animal-care experience, but many groomers are happy to train someone who is eager to learn.

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