Truck Driver Salary In Texas

Before we go into the topic: Truck Driver Salary In Texas, please let's treat some parameters.

Before we go into Truck Driver Salary In Texas, let’s treat some background studies first.

The movement and transportation of commodities are necessary for almost every business. Truck drivers play a crucial role in ensuring that commodities are delivered correctly, and everyone is safe on the highways. You may have the chance to make a solid living and give back to the community in Texas by working as a truck driver. The requirements and training for truck drivers serve to maintain safety and correct operations. To become a truck driver, you must obtain a specialized license and demonstrate your competence to drive safely.

In this post, we go over what a truck driver does, how to become one in Texas, functional abilities for truck drivers, the typical pay for truck drivers in Texas, and the future employment prospects for truck drivers.

What does a trucker do?

A qualified professional known as a truck driver is responsible for securely moving heavy loads and cargo from one place to another. Drivers may frequently drive new routes or repeat the same routes. The combined weight of the heavy-duty trucks and trailers that many truck drivers drive is over 26,000 pounds. A special license and the ability to adhere to local, state, or federal laws, safety standards, and regulations are requirements for becoming a truck driver. To protect the safety of everyone on the road, truck drivers practice and learn to manage big vehicles in all kinds of situations.

How to start a trucking business in Texas

To finish the prerequisites and license procedures required to become a truck driver in Texas, adhere to these four steps:

1. Take the Commercial Learner’s Permit Exam

A Commercial Learner’s Permit is necessary to operate a heavy truck (CLP). Candidates for a CLP in Texas must be 18 years old, fill out an application, and provide the required documentation. By presenting documentation from a medical exam, your social security number, evidence of domicile, and government-issued identification, you can apply for a CLP at the DMV. You must also complete and pass several written examinations related to Texas Commercial Driving Laws, General Driving Knowledge, and any appropriate Endorsement Topics as part of the CLP process.

2. Participate in truck driving school

Once you have earned and obtained your CLP, you can operate large commercial vehicles closely supervised by a qualified and seasoned truck driver. Many people decide to enroll in or attend a truck driving school or program that offers them instructors, training materials, and vehicles. These courses can give you both on- and off-road instruction while allowing you to complete the necessary practice hours under the supervision of a licensed driver.

3. Pass the Commercial Drivers License tests

In Texas, you must hold a CLP for at least 15 days before you can schedule and take the different exams to become a CDL holder. These exams require you to complete a road, vehicle control, and vehicle inspection test while being observed and evaluated by a CDL license expert. To confirm that you meet the safety and legal requirements for truck drivers, you can also submit your thumbprint, the results of a background check, and the results of an eye exam when applying for a CDL.

4. Include endorsements on your license

You may qualify for and have access to certain vehicles and materials with the help of special CDL endorsements and add-ons. Requirements for hazardous products, double or triple trailers, and passenger vehicles are examples of common endorsements. You must pass a new written and driving test that is condition-specific before receiving any more endorsements. Your business or organization may establish unique endorsement requirements depending on the materials and vehicles given.

Owner Operator Truck Driver Salary In Texas

Owner-operator truck drivers in Texas make an average salary of $198,646 annually. That comes to about $95.50 an hour, in case you need a quick pay calculator. This equates to $3,820 per week or $16,553 per month. owner operator truck driver salary in Texas

Even though reports salaries as high as $344,463 and as low as $35,440, the majority of Owner Operator Truck Driver salaries currently fall between $129,227 (25th percentile) and $295,192 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) in Texas making $336,683 annually. owner operator truck driver salary in Texas

According to skill level, location, and years of experience, the average salary range for an Owner Operator Truck Driver can vary greatly (up to $165,965), indicating that there may be numerous prospects for growth and better pay. owner operator truck driver salary in Texas

According to a recent job posting on, not many employers are hiring right now. Thus the owner-operator truck driver job market in Texas is not highly active. owner operator truck driver salary in Texas

For Owner Operator Truck Driver salaries across the US, Texas comes in at 41 out of 50 states. owner operator truck driver salary in Texas

As millions of current jobs are advertised locally around America, regularly checks its database to determine the most precise annual salary range for Owner Operator Truck Driver positions. owner operator truck driver salary in Texas

Truck Driver Salary In Texas

Dallas, Texas’s typical truck driver earns $50,513 a year. Truck drivers make an average of $24.29 per hour. This contrasts with the country’s $60,326 yearly average truck driver wage. The table below breaks down the highest-paying businesses and industries in Dallas, Texas, by the average truck driver wage. Additionally, a pay history chart that illustrates how the typical truck driver salary in Dallas has changed over time and various types of truck driver wages in and around Dallas are available for comparison.

H-E-B Truck Driver Salary

Do you want to know about the h-e-b truck driver’s salary? Then read this part carefully to know more about the h-e-b truck driver salary.

H-E-B Transport Drivers make $55,000 per year, or $26 an hour, which is 42% more than the $36,000 per year average national compensation for all Transport Drivers and 15% less than the average national wage for? All American workers. H-E-B Truck Driver Salary

For the first time in a long time, H-E-B is hiring drivers! a Class A CDL and three years of driving experience are required. Must have a 3-year MVR (motor vehicle record) that is clear. Must be able to work nights, weekends, and holidays. H-E-B Truck Driver Salary

Evening Stocker

Additional HEB Loading and Stocking Pay Average Pay Distribution. h-e-b truck driver salary

Salary for Bagger/Stocker 5 is stated as $9.14 per hour, $7.25, $35.85. h-e-b truck driver salary

What do Walmart truck drivers make?

The changes will result in an all-in rate of about 89 cents per mile and an increase in the average yearly pay for Walmart drivers to $87,500. According to the firm, Walmart is redesigning its truck driver orientation, enabling a quicker recruiting process and more mentorships. H-E-B Truck Driver Salary

How many trucks are HEB equipped with?

-ft. Central Texas region is home to a warehouse and transportation hub. With 2,843 trailers and 596 tractors, H-E-B has the 76th-largest private trucking fleet in the nation. All of that money goes toward supporting that fleet. H-E-B Truck Driver Salary

How Much Does A Driver Make A Month In Texas

Houston, Texas’s typical garbage truck driver, earns $41,463, which is 4% less than the $43,319 national average. The combined average salary of San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL, and Atlanta, GA, is 21% more than this compensation.

Walmart Truck Driver Salary In Texas

Texas’s average annual salary for jobs in the Truck Driver Walmart job category is $48,477. Suppose you need a quick pay estimator. That comes to about $23.31 per hour. This equates to $932 per week or $4,039 per month. walmart truck driver salary in Texas

The bulk of wages in the Truck Driver Walmart jobs category presently vary between $44,948 (25th percentile) and $60,507 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $67,423 yearly in Texas. has salaries as high as $72,177 and as low as $19,881. walmart truck driver salary in Texas

There are few prospects for increasing compensation or development, even with multiple years of experience, given that the average pay range for a Truck Driver Walmart position is relatively modest (around $15,559). walmart truck driver salary in Texas

According to a recent job posting on, not many employers are hiring right now. Thus the Texas Truck Driver Walmart job market is not highly active.

Texas is ranked 47th out of 50 states in the US for Walmart truck driver job pay. walmart truck driver salary in Texas

As millions of current positions are listed locally around America, regularly checks its database to determine the most precise annual salary range for Truck Driver Walmart jobs. walmart truck driver salary in Texas

How Much Does A Truck Driver Make A Week

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median yearly pay for truck drivers was $39,520 in 2014. The median pay for truck drivers in the bottom 10% was $25,740, while the median pay for those in the top 10% was $61,150.

It is crucial to remember, too, that, unlike many other professions, truck drivers often do not receive an annual salary or an hourly wage.

  • Between 28 and 40 cents are paid to truck drivers on average every mile.
  • The average weekly mileage for drivers is between 2,000 and 3,000 kilometers.
  • This amounts to an average weekly wage between $560 and $1,200.
  • If you worked as a driver for all 52 weeks of the year, you could expect to make between $29,120 and $62,400.

What Company In Texas Is Paying $14000 A Week For Truck Drivers?

Consider receiving $14,000 each week. Due to a statewide truck driving shortage, one Texas-based company is providing that.

Many truckers exited the sector when the pandemic struck since there was not as much freight to move, and transportation costs for commodities like gasoline fell. A severe scarcity is on the horizon due to the increased demand but the lack of trucks available to transport goods like gasoline.

The CEO and owner of Sisu Energy, Jim Grundy, stated, “And it’s not just going to be fuel. It’s not just going to be wood. You’re talking about all your retail items just like apparel, food, toilet paper, you name it.”

Claims that the shortages will affect far more people than only this summer.

That is the story you are hearing, he said. The population is growing stronger. Therefore it may survive longer than the predicted two to four years.

There were about 60,000 truck drivers needed at the end of 2018. These truckers move nearly 71 percent of the freight in the US. Over the next ten years, the shipping industry will need to hire roughly 1.1 million drivers to meet the rising demand. That equals 110,000 people annually on average. According to Grundy, new legislation is also having an effect.


“We’re making it more and more difficult for these guys to go back on the road and these enterprises start up,” the speaker said, “which is why I think the proposal is an eight percent corporation tax increase that was offered in the previous couple of weeks.”

Sisu Energy is paying experienced drivers $14,000 a week as a result. That comes to just around $60,000 every month. And in a calendar year, almost $750,000! However, you must have prior experience.

According to Grundy, these options are not available to you as a rookie driver because insurance companies will not insure you if you are under 25 or have less than two years of experience.

What Is The Highest Paid Truck Driving Job

Hazmat Operators

Payment: $65,466
As has previously said, hazmat drivers need to be highly vigilant. They carry hazardous and very toxic items in their loads. Any collision has a significant likelihood of causing a catastrophe that results in fatalities, time-consuming and expensive clean-up, and lost revenue for the driver and business. Hazmat drivers also need to pass a background check conducted by the Transportation Security Administration, keep up with additional endorsements, and adhere to more stringent local, state, and federal laws.

Hazmat drivers often make significantly more money than drivers driving a regular dry van, reefer, or flatbed unit due to the necessity for specialized equipment and the added risks and procedures involved with delivering hazardous goods.

Liquids / Tanker

Earnings: $88,024

Simply turning suddenly or slamming on the brakes too hard might instantly result in disaster due to the physics of liquids in huge containers. Giant fireballs and intense heat can happen from a mistake with hazmat liquid loads like gasoline or liquid propane; the drivers frequently refer to this as a “Viking Funeral.” Other motorists frequently give liquids/tanker drivers a wide berth since they risk exposure to acids and lethal gases. The pay for liquids/tanker drivers is commensurate with the dangerous loads they move and the high level of expertise required to do so safely.

Drivers of the Mining Industry

the wage of $58,862

Giant dump trucks driven by these drivers are used in mining and quarrying operations. They have to work efficiently when they are on the clock while staying safe around other people, smaller commercial vehicles, and company equipment. These trucks can be found outside the mining sector, in particular industrial and port locations that deal with the raw materials and products that form the foundation of our country’s industrial chain.


Earnings: $247,850
The pay is listed as $247,850 on Indeed, although this varies widely and does not account for all the aspects. For instance, an owner-operator cannot, and should not, be considered an employee for a website like Indeed. These drivers are significantly more than your typical paid worker. Even if they only have one truck, they still operate a trucking firm as a business.

The duties of an owner-operator encompass all aspects of running a trucking business, from controlling costs to locating cargo to paying staff for insurance, perks, and wages. Owner-operators can earn as much money as they want, but this ultimately relies on how much labor they are willing (or able) to take on.

However, an owner-operator need not venture out on their own. Owner-Operators may work for CloudTrucks if they have 2.5 years of experience or more. Providing access to hundreds of carefully selected loads gives owner-operators complete freedom to manage their business and the strength of a primary carrier’s back-end support.

We provide our Flex program to owner-operators who wish to operate under our supervision. Once a driver is accepted, they may download the app, accept the loads they want, and begin making money. The average monthly net income for drivers who have joined CloudTrucks is $20,000, and they receive their CT Cash card payments in minutes instead of months. Want to know more? Go to our Getting Started page now.

Team Drivers

Earnings: $96,573

The ultimate in long-distance, high-speed load transportation are team drivers. A team often consists of two drivers operating the exact vehicle in shifts for up to twenty-two hours a day to keep their load moving. Consider that it generally takes a solitary driver six days to travel from coast to coast to get an idea of how much of a difference this makes. A team can complete the same journey in as little as three days. Companies who need this kind of quick delivery pay more for the service, and the driver team, in turn, receives substantially higher income.



Truck drivers who want to increase their income go above and beyond the usual to gain desirable skills and endorsements that open up new and profitable employment opportunities. Even if you just received your CDL, you can still qualify for these high-paying positions after putting in the necessary hours and maintaining a safe driving record.

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