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Uber Driver Jobs

Uber Driver Jobs: Do you have excellent driving skills and are from Nigeria? Do you want to drive for Uber and make decent money at the same time?

This Uber Nigeria driver recruitment for 2023/2024 is brought to you with pleasure by the Moden News team.

Drivers that have been looking to apply for Uber Driver Jobs in Nigeria have most definitely been waiting for this opportunity.

Below are the answers to the questions Nigerian Drivers have been emailing us. The questions include:

  • Applying for an Uber Driver Job
  • Uber Nigeria Car Requirements 2023/2024 – How to Register as an Uber Driver
  • How much money does a Nigerian Uber driver make per week?
  • List of vehicles in Nigeria that accept Uber
  • Types of vehicles used by Uber
  • Signing up for a vehicle with Uber
  • Uber Recruitment in Nigeria
  • How to launch an Uber company in Nigeria
  • How to obtain a vehicle in Nigeria for Uber

Job Title: Uber Driver

Job Type: Transportation/Logistics / Supply

Location: Nigeria

Uber Driver Job Requirments

  • A valid driver’s license, which is typically given to qualified and licensed drivers in Nigeria and other countries across the world, is a must for any Driver who wishes to join the Uber Drivers team by applying for a job at Uber.
  • You have to be at least 21 years old and successfully complete the safety screening.
  • Those who are interested must be drivers who can operate a vehicle safely and have a strong desire to serve Uber’s clients and passengers.

2023 Requirements Uber Nigeria Car

  • Anyone who wants to sign up as an Uber driver must own a vehicle that was made after the year 2000.
  • The vehicle must be at least four doors with no mechanical or aesthetic flaws.
    Make sure your car’s radio is in perfect working order before applying for an Uber driver job.
  • Those who are planning to apply for Uber Driver Jobs through this ongoing Uber Nigeria recruiting process 2023/2024 should make sure their vehicles are insured and have the necessary licenses for driving on the road.
  • Potential Uber drivers are not permitted to show the Uber Nigeria recruitment team trucks, taxi taxis, government cars, or other marked vehicles.

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How Much Does Uber Driver Make Weekly in Nigeria

The particular weekly earnings of Uber drivers in Nigeria may differ depending on a variety of variables, including how frequently the driver works and how active the market is, so I’m not sure of those numbers. But I can tell you that generally speaking, Uber drivers are regarded as independent contractors, which means they are in charge of their own costs, including gasoline and vehicle upkeep. This implies that their income may vary according to how successfully they manage their company.

Uber drivers claim to make roughly minimum wage after expenditures in numerous places across the world, however in Nigeria, like in other nations, the earnings may vary depending on market conditions, cost of living, and other factors.
To obtain a better understanding of the potential profits you might be able to anticipate if you decide to become an Uber driver in Nigeria, it may be good to speak with current or past drivers.


According to data we collected from existing Uber drivers in Nigeria, an Uber Driver makes between N15,000 and N20,000 per day, or between N100,000 and N120,000 per week.

How to Apply for Uber Driver Jobs

Use the official Uber Nigeria website to apply.
We, the Moden News crew, have listed all of the drivers who meet the Uber Nigeria car standards on this page. should go to the official Uber Nigeria website here: visit to sign up or Apply on the web

Good luck.

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