Universities Offering Pre-registration courses on Adult Nursing UK.

Have you been wondering how to get information about adult nursing UK or probably want to become one? If your answer is yes, you should read this post to the end, as ill be explaining all you need to be an adult nurse and how to start.

Adult Nursing UK, the body that licenses and regulates all nursing professionals in the United Kingdom, recently announced its list of universities offering pre-registration courses on adult nursing. The list includes undergraduate and graduate programs from eight universities, each unique in its approach to preparing students to be nurses in the 21st century. Though not every program may be appropriate for every student, numerous programs cover all the basics you need to know as an adult nurse.

What is adult nursing?

Adult nursing, also known as gerontological nursing or adult health nursing, is a branch of nursing devoted to patients 18 and older. Adult nurses work in acute care settings such as hospitals and other healthcare facilities. 

They specialize in helping their patients deal with chronic illnesses, terminal conditions, or illnesses that affect them as they age. If you’re interested in learning more about adult nursing, check out some of these programs offered by top universities across the country! Education: 

Most adult nursing programs require students to hold at least an associate degree before entering a bachelor’s program. This associate degree can be earned at most community colleges around the United Kingdom. 

Several accelerated two-year bachelor’s degree options are also available for students who already hold an associate degree. Most courses require candidates to complete several clinical hours throughout their education; however, many schools do not require students to participate in externships.

Adult nursing salary UK

Whether you’re just starting your career or have been working as an adult nurse for some time now, it’s helpful to know how much your peers earn. Here are some valuable resources: Nursing Salary Information: This resource includes salary information from all healthcare sectors, including adult nursing. 

In England, an adult nursing salary is £23,050 per year. A registered adult nurse earned just under £22,500 per annum in 2017. The figures for Wales and Scotland vary slightly – starting at £23,266 and £24,944, respectively. 

You can search by postcode, job title, or region to find out what nurses earn in your area. NHS Pay Review Body Report 2018/19: If you want more insight into what adult nurses are paid, look at the NHS Pay Review Body Report 2018/19, which provides statistics on salaries throughout different regions of England.

MSc Adult Nursing Uk.

Anyone who would love to practice adult nursing in the UK must attain an Msc in courses related to nursing. You will acquire the information and abilities necessary to become a registered nurse with the MSc Nursing (Adult) course. With nurses at the core of our healthcare system and society, there is a growing need for nurses with postgraduate degrees. With the help of this course, you will be able to pursue a career that will positively impact patients, their families, and the healthcare system daily.

You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a range of medical conditions, from prevention to end-of-life care, through this course, from both clinical practitioners and seasoned nursing academics. You will also gain first-hand experience through our placement opportunities in Hertfordshire and London. The psychology and sociology of health and ill health will broaden your scientific knowledge and compassionate understanding. You will gain the critical thinking abilities and professional judgment necessary to deliver first-rate patient care.

With possibilities for self-development through various programs, including research rotations and student ambassadorships, this master’s degree enables you to grow as a potential nursing leader.

Adult nurses make up a significant portion of our profession, so an MSc Adult Nursing course might be right for you if you want to focus your career on working with adult patients. With pre-registration programs available at universities across England and Wales, there are plenty of options open to adult nursing students. We’ve compiled a list of those universities below. 

University of Bolton

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Adult) at Bolton University offers a blend of undergraduate and postgraduate study, delivering an entry point into adult nursing from the foundation degree level. 

The course covers basic sciences, anatomy and physiology, health assessment, and care and treatment of patients in hospital and community settings. It also provides an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in leadership, management, communication, research, and evidence-based practice. 

Students can access high-quality clinical placements at local NHS hospitals, Bolton Royal Hospital and Airedale General Hospital.

Lancaster University

Adult nursing qualifications are available at Lancaster University, but admission to pre-registration courses is very competitive. There are a limited number of places for each course, and competition for those places can be intense. Lancaster University also requires nursing candidates to have GCSEs (or equivalent) in Maths and English grades B or above and three A Levels. 

Candidates must also pass an aptitude test before applying for a place on any of these courses. However, if you do get into one of these programs, you’ll be eligible to register with The Nursing and Midwifery Council after graduation from your program. 

The University also offers students clinical placements within a wide range of adult care settings during their training, including local health centers, GP surgeries, and adult community hospitals. Students will gain valuable hands-on experience while learning more about what it takes to become an adult nurse in hospital and community settings.

Sheffield Hallam University

Adult nursing is a pre-registration course designed for adults who are changing careers, returning to education, or wishing to gain insight into health and care. After studying at Sheffield Hallam University, you will become an Adult Nurse with a post-registration certificate in adult nursing. 

This qualification allows you to work as an adult nurse in various settings, such as hospitals, community services, and primary care. This course is ideal if you have already completed your GCSEs (or equivalent). 

If English isn’t your first language, we also offer English language support courses before starting your degree. You can study full-time or part-time; full-time students take two years to complete their degree. Part-time students usually take three years.

Bournemouth University

The University of Bournemouth offers an entire four-year course in adult nursing. The course takes two years to complete and can be taken as a part-time or full-time student. The first year covers aspects such as anatomy, physiology, and assessment. In your second year, you take placements in different hospitals or care settings before sitting exams at your placement hospital; these exams help build up your portfolio for registration with NMC. 

You’ll also have more clinical placements during your third year, which will allow you to gain valuable experience working with patients under supervision from qualified nurses. During your fourth year, you’ll finish off by writing a dissertation on an area of interest relevant to adult nursing. 

The dissertation could include research into preventing pressure ulcers (sores that develop when someone is bedridden) or how long it takes people newly diagnosed with cancer to adjust their diet and lifestyle habits accordingly.

Birmingham City University

The Adult Nursing degree program offers a pre-registration route into adult nursing, helping you prepare for your chosen career. It will equip you with both theoretical and practical knowledge to allow you to meet all of your role’s essential competencies. 

The course focuses on adult care and covers path physiology, mental health, medication management, cancer, and public health. Students also have access to clinical placements at local hospitals and hospices, allowing them to put their learning into practice in real situations. 

Oxford Brookes University

This leading University offers several adult nursing pre-registration courses with various annual entry dates. Full and part-time study options are available for those who prefer to balance their studies with a full or part-time job. Courses begin in September, January, and April each year. 

The University is located in Oxfordshire, but classes are held across various locations around England, including London, Southampton, and Birmingham. Adult nursing pre-registration courses can take between 12 and 18 months to complete. Costs vary depending on whether you choose full or part-time study, your chosen course length, and whether you’re studying online or face-to-face. 

For example, studying online from home costs £9,000 per year, while face-to-face tuition costs £13,500 per year. Course fees include all materials used during your studies and professional support from tutors during your placement period at work.

Liverpool John Moores University

One of Liverpool John Moores University’s online pre-registration courses is titled ‘Adult Nursing and Mental Health, which aims to prepare students for adult nursing degrees by giving them in-depth knowledge of mental health diagnoses.

 The course also covers several topics ranging from dementia to care planning. This particular program can be completed in as little as two years. However, this depend on how many courses you take per year. 

If you want to study adult nursing but are unsure about taking a full degree at University, completing one or more of these pre-registration programs could be an excellent way to get started. 

For example, if you wanted to become a registered nurse (RGN), it would typically take three years of studying to gain your qualification. However, with adult nursing pre-registration courses, you can reduce that time to just two years. It will still require dedication and hard work, but it might be worth it!

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

The University’s School of Health and Social Care offers postgraduate courses in nursing and midwifery, including adult nursing. Students are offered various options, such as research degrees, master’s degrees, professional doctorates, and doctoral studies. 

Prospective students can apply through UCAS to complete an undergraduate degree at Queen Margaret University before applying for their chosen master’s degree course.

Adult Nursing Degrees UK

Adult Nursing UK

If you’re interested in earning an adult nursing degree in Great Britain, then you’re certainly not alone. Adult nursing degrees are overgrowing in popularity. This is because there is a specific need for nurses who can assist elderly patients with mental and physical health issues. 

Adult nursing degrees vary widely by University and program, so it’s essential to research what each school offers before deciding. 

The following schools all offer adult nursing pre-registration courses that are worth considering: 

The University of Birmingham, 

University of Leeds, 

The University of Manchester, 

The University of Nottingham, 

Cardiff University, 

Newcastle University and 

King’s College London. 

Adult Nursing Relationship UK

When a man and a woman enjoy breastfeeding, they are said to be in an adult nursing relationship (ANR). The partners in such a relationship could be a couple already dating or two people who are only together to nurse. In a relationship where a woman is nursing a male, the man must suckle on her breast.

Being in such a relationship does not require breastfeeding; the pleasure experienced from ANR might occasionally be solely sexual or can occasionally be practiced for its comfort. So, unlike while feeding a newborn, it’s not necessarily about the presence of breast milk.

The practice of adult nursing, or erotic lactation relationships as some prefer to call it, is gaining popularity. If you’re interested in any type of adult nursing, there are many communities, online forums, blogs, and groups where you can find like-minded individuals. 

Additionally, there are ANR-specific dating websites where you can discover accessories for adult nursing and meet others who share your preferences.

Adult wet nurses in the UK

A woman who breastfeeds and tends to another person’s child is a wet nurse. If the mother passes away, cannot nurse the infant herself, or refuses to do so, wet nurses are brought in to help. 

Children who have been wet-nursed are sometimes referred to as “milk siblings,” In some cultures, the families are connected by a unique bond of milk kinship. Until the development of dependable formula milk in the 20th century, wet nursing was practiced in many different cultures. The 21st century has seen a slight resurgence of the practice.

When a woman is unable or unable to breastfeed her child, a wet nurse might be helpful. Wet breastfeeding could save a baby’s life prior to the 20th-century advent of infant formula.

There are numerous causes for a mother’s inability to lactate adequately or even in some situations. She could, for instance, be suffering from a chronic or severe illness, which would cause its treatment or the illness to limit or stop her milk production. This lactational absence could be either brief or permanent.

Wet nurses were necessary when infant abandonment and maternal deaths during and soon after childbirth were prevalent. Some lactating mothers had lost their children available.

For social reasons, some ladies decided not to breastfeed. Upper-class women frowned upon breastfeeding since it not only made it impossible for them to dress in the vogue of the day but also believed it would damage their figures.

 There were other pressures on working women to stop nursing, including pressure from their spouses. It was less expensive to engage a wet nurse than to hire someone else to manage the household or assist with the family company.

Some ladies decided to work with wet nurses solely to get away from the laborious and constricting nursing task.

General Requirement

  1. For an undergraduate degree, you will typically require at least five GCSEs with a grade of 4/C or higher (perhaps in English or literature and a science topic.
  2. Two A levels or comparable level 3 certificates. 
  3. Some universities may require three A levels or their equivalent. 
  4. If you currently hold a degree, you might be allowed to enroll in an expedited program to pursue a postgraduate degree.
  5. Checking the entry requirements of the universities you intend to apply to is essential because they can change. 

Several alternatives to A levels are:

  1. Access classes, e.g., Nursing 
  2. Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma qualifications are available.
  3. OCR Cambridge Technicals, 
  4. Scottish Highers/Advanced Highers, and 
  5. International Baccalaureate (IB)
  6. A certain standard, such as a merit or distinction in the case of BTEC, may be required. 
  7. It might be conceivable to mix academic and professional credentials. 
  8. A level and a BTEC certification, for instance.
  9. You should also have a minimum of five GCSEs (A* to C), including English and maths. 
  10. Applicants may also be required to pass an entrance test. 

Always confirm with universities that you would be admitted onto an adult nursing course before beginning any qualifications.

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