What Are International Business Jobs?

international business jobs

Before treating international business jobs, let us look at what international business is all about. We will also look at the following: Jobs For International Business Majors, International Business Jobs Salary, Business Jobs that Require International Travel, and Entry Level International Business Jobs.

What Are International Business?

The trade of commodities, services, technology, capital, and/or information across national borders and on a global or transnational scale is called international business. Import and export, foreign direct investment, franchising and licensing, joint ventures and strategic alliances, and management of multinational enterprises are just a few operations under this umbrella.

The expansion of global markets, which has increased cross-border trade and interdependence among nations, is one of the fundamental forces behind the international business. As a result, companies are increasingly attempting to expand their operations outside of their home markets to get access to new clients, vendors, and commercial possibilities.

One of the most prevalent types of international commerce is trade, the exchange of products and services between nations. This can be done through exporting, which is the sale of domestic products and services to markets abroad, or through importing, which is the acquisition of products and services abroad for domestic use.

Another crucial component of global commerce is a foreign direct investment (FDI). This entails a business opening a shop or obtaining property in another nation. A new production facility could be built, a local business could be purchased, or a joint venture with a foreign partner could be created. By utilizing FDI, companies can access new markets and local resources, such as labor, natural resources, and technology.


Another popular strategy businesses use to grow their operations globally is franchising and licensing. A company that licenses another company the use of its technology, trademark, or other intellectual property in return for a fee or royalty. Contrarily, franchising entails allowing a foreign franchisee to utilize its brand and business model while operating the enterprise following the franchisor’s guidelines.

Establishing joint ventures and strategic alliances is another way businesses can grow their activities abroad. A joint venture is an enterprise where two or more businesses join forces to share the advantages and risks of a particular project or commercial activity. A strategic alliance is a formal agreement between two or more businesses to collaborate on developing a new product or entering a new market.

Last but not least, multinational corporations, usually referred to as transnational corporations, are businesses that conduct business internationally. These businesses frequently function as a network of subsidiaries, each of which has activities in a different country or region and has sizable operations in numerous nations. Multinational firms can be a strong force for economic growth and development and frequently impact the global economy.

In conclusion, the international business sector is intricate and dynamic, encompassing a variety of initiatives and tactics. Businesses that conduct business internationally must traverse a challenging and constantly shifting business environment characterized by a wide range of risks and possibilities as well as political, economic, cultural, and legal distinctions. However, for businesses that can overcome these obstacles, the benefits can be substantial, including access to new markets, clients, and resources, as well as the capacity for long-term growth and success.

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How to Apply For International Business Jobs

You may take several steps to improve your chances of success while applying for positions in international business.

  • Make your resume and cover letter appropriate to the position and business. Examine the company’s goals, core principles, and offerings before highlighting how your experience and qualifications meet their requirements.
  • Create a robust network. Make connections with professionals in the field, go to networking events, and join organizations for professionals that deal with international commerce.
  • Amass knowledge. Volunteer work, internships, and part-time employment can all help you gain significant experience and abilities that will help you stand out as a candidate for international business careers.
  • Hone your language abilities. Consider taking language training or traveling to another country to develop your language abilities since many international business careers need fluency in more than one language.
  • Describe your experience traveling abroad. Be careful to emphasize on your resume and cover letter any experience you have working with people from diverse cultures, whether you have lived, worked, or studied overseas.
  • Examine the hiring procedure. Discover the hiring procedure the business uses and the qualities they seek in a candidate.
  • Apply to several positions. Apply for several jobs in the area of international business rather than relying on one to boost your chances of being hired.


  • Make yourself interview-ready. Do some research on the business, get comfortable answering typical interview questions, and be prepared to give concrete instances of how your qualifications match the needs for the position.
  • Following up It’s a good idea to follow up with the hiring manager after you’ve filed your application and had an interview to indicate your continued interest in the role and to thank them for their time.

You can improve your chances of finding a career in international business by doing these actions. Don’t forget to be persistent, and don’t be shy about asking your network for help and support.

International Business Jobs

There are many websites and job boards where you can find international business job listings and apply for positions. Some popular options include:

  1. LinkedIn: The career-focused social media platform has various international business jobs listed. Apply Here
  2. Glassdoor: A jobs and career community that offers a variety of international business job listings, company reviews, salary information, and interview questions. Apply Here
  3. Indeed: One of the most popular job search websites, Indeed has many international business job listings across various industries and experience levels.
  4. The Ladders: A premium job search website focusing on high-paying jobs, including many international business roles. Apply
  5. International Career Employment Weekly: A weekly publication focusing on international job opportunities, including many in international business. Apply Here
  6. Monster: A global leader in connecting job seekers and employers, Monster has a wide range of international business job listings. Apply Here
  7. International Jobs: This website focuses on international job opportunities in various sectors, including international business. Apply Here
  8. Multilingual Vacancies: A job board specializing in multilingual job opportunities, which can include many international business roles. Apply Here

It is worth checking the websites of companies you are interested in working for, as many organizations post job listings on their sites.

Jobs For International Business Majors

Finance, marketing, management, and economics are among the many business-related topics that majors in international business often study, emphasizing how these topics connect to the global corporate world. As a result, those who study international business can choose from a wide range of professional options. Some of the typical employment for these individuals are:

  • A company’s international marketing manager creates and executes marketing plans for its goods and services in foreign markets.
  • International trade analysts examine data and market trends in this area and make recommendations to corporations and governmental organizations.
  • International sales representatives locate and pursue fresh business possibilities and maintain connections with customers in other markets.
  • Managing the export of goods or services to other nations, including ensuring compliance with rules and regulations, is within the purview of the export manager.
  • The international business development manager is in charge of seeking out and pursuing commercial prospects in foreign markets.
  • The global supply chain manager organizes and arranges the cross-border transportation of products and materials from suppliers to customers.
  • An international financial analyst examines financial information and market trends about global trade and makes suggestions to companies and investors.
  • International Human Resource Manager: overseeing staff hiring, development, and training for a company’s overseas activities.
  • International Consultant: Offer knowledgeable guidance and assistance to companies on a variety of topics relating to global operations, such as market entry tactics, cultural nuances, and regulatory compliance.
  • Planned, coordinated, and managed projects involving cross-border cooperation as an international project manager.

Please be aware that this is not a comprehensive list and that other career options are open to international business students.

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International Business Jobs Salary

The amount of expertise, the particular job function, the employer’s size and industry, and the position’s location can all significantly impact the salary for international business employment.

Salary ranges from $40,000 to $60,000 are common for entry-level jobs in international companies, such as export coordinators or foreign sales representatives. Employees may become eligible for greater compensation as they gain more experience and take on additional responsibility. International business development managers, for instance, would make between $90,000 and $150,000 a year, whereas international marketing managers might make between $70,000 and $120,000.

Even larger remuneration might be expected from executives in international business, such as vice presidents of global business development or international operations. Salary ranges for these roles, which generally demand years of expertise and a successful track record, can reach upwards of $300,000 annually.

It’s also critical to keep in mind that location can have a big impact on earnings. For instance, international business occupations typically pay more than equivalent jobs in smaller cities or rural locations in large metropolitan centers like New York City, London, and Hong Kong. In addition, pay for positions in international business may be higher in some sectors than in others, such as banking or technology.

Overall, it’s crucial to remember that pay for roles in international business can vary significantly based on a wide range of circumstances, so it’s a good idea to investigate salaries for certain positions in the area and sector of your choice.

Business Jobs that Require International Travel

Numerous different business occupations could involve traveling abroad. Several instances include:

  • To build new business contacts and finalize transactions, individuals in international sales and business development roles frequently travel to meet with prospective clients, partners, and suppliers abroad.
  • International Marketing: Individuals who work in international marketing may go abroad to trade events, do market research, and cultivate contacts with important media outlets and influencers.
  • Supply chain and logistics specialists may travel abroad to meet with manufacturers and suppliers, look over facilities, and plan the transnational movement of goods.
  • Process improvement, strategy creation, and organizational change are just a few projects management consultants may work on with clients in different nations while on the road.
  • Investment Banking: To close deals and provide advice on financial transactions, investment bankers may travel worldwide to meet with clients and other stakeholders, such as regulators.
  • Human Resources: HR specialists might travel to other nations to hire, train, manage staff members or execute global offices’ policies and procedures.

It’s crucial to remember that depending on the particular work and employer, the frequency and length of overseas travel may change. Numerous short-term journeys may be necessary for some jobs, while longer-term assignments or international relocations may be part of others.

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Entry Level International Business Jobs

A person with little to no experience in international business can apply for several entry-level positions in the sector. Several instances include:

  • An international sales coordinator collaborates with a company’s domestic sales staff to assist with sales initiatives and manage client connections.
  • Import/Export Coordinator: This position is responsible for organizing the shipment of goods between a company’s domestic and foreign clients and vendors.
  • The duties of an international marketing coordinator include coordinating market research, producing marketing materials, and overseeing social media accounts to assist a company’s global marketing initiatives.
  • International Customer Service Representative: In this position, you would help a company’s clients from other countries by responding to their inquiries and problems.
  • Worldwide Supply Chain Analyst: The duties of this role include examining a company’s global supply chain to find opportunities for improvement and putting efficiency-boosting measures into place.

Coordinating new international business possibilities with a company’s business development team is the responsibility of the international business development coordinator.

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