British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) Jobs 2023/2024

We are pleased to inform the public that the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) is actively recruiting individuals for various roles. The initiative is part of BATUK’s ongoing collaboration with the Kenyan government to offer not just military training but also support to local communities. Located primarily in Nanyuki, near Nairobi, the BATUK provides opportunities for both entry-level candidates and those with experience.

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Recruitment Criteria For the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) Jobs

It is imperative for all applicants to meticulously check the qualifications and requirements for each position. A transparent selection process is in place to identify the most suitable candidates. Additionally, applicants are advised to ensure the accuracy of all submitted details, as any discrepancies may result in disqualification.

Current British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) Jobs Openings for 2023/2024

1. General Duty

  • Location: Nanyuki, Laikipia, Kenya
  • Qualifications
    • Proficiency in English is a must.
    • Teamwork skills are essential.
    • Capable of working under stress.
    • Exhibits good conduct.
    • Basic computer literacy is required.
    • Must possess a valid driver’s license.

2. Production Manager

  • Qualifications
    • A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field.
    • Minimum of 4 years of work experience, with at least 2 years in a related role.
    • Effective managerial skills.
    • Computer literacy.
    • Must be of good character.

3. Driver/Maintainer

  • Location: Kenya
  • Field: Military / Para-Military
  • Qualifications
    • Ability to maintain and organize vehicles.
    • At least an O-level certificate or KSCE.
    • A valid police clearance certificate.
    • Experience in driving military vehicles is advantageous.

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4. Chef

  • Location: Kenya
  • Field: Military / Para-Military
  • Qualifications
    • Knowledge of nutritional best practices.
    • Prioritizes hygiene.
    • Certificate or Diploma in Culinary Arts.
    • Capable of working with minimal supervision.
    • Prior experience in a similar role is beneficial.

How to Apply For The British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) Jobs

Applicants who meet the criteria for the British Army Training Unit Kenya positions should proceed to apply via the following platforms: or

Important Notice

The (BATUK) application is completely free. Be cautious of any false schemes that require payment.

We look forward to receiving your applications and wish you the best of luck in the recruitment process.

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The British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) is actively inviting applications for various positions in 2023/2024, a step that reflects its ongoing commitment to bolster its presence and support to the local communities in Kenya. The available roles, which include General Duty, Production Manager, Driver/Maintainer, and Chef, are open to both fresh graduates and experienced professionals. Applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review the qualifications and requirements for each position and ensure the accuracy of their application details to avoid disqualification. The application process is entirely free, and candidates are warned against falling for scams that require payment. With this recruitment drive, BATUK continues to strengthen its collaborative efforts with the Kenyan government and contribute to the local economy by providing employment opportunities. Interested candidates are advised to submit their applications via the official platforms as soon as possible. Good luck to all applicants!