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Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board Recruitment | Teaching Jobs in Enugu State 2023/2024

Teaching Jobs in Enugu State

Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board Recruitment | Teaching Jobs in Enugu State 2023/2024: The Enugu State administration has recently unveiled a plethora of teaching roles under the State’s Universal Basic Education Commission’s umbrella. This presents a golden chance for aspirants who’ve longed to embark on a teaching journey in Enugu State.

The core objective behind this expansive recruitment drive by the State Universal Basic Education Board is to onboard numerous competent educators to instruct in various primary institutions throughout Enugu State.

Subsequently, we, at goclassroom, aim to provide you with a deep dive into the Universal Basic Education Commission’s responsibilities and shed light on the prerequisites and application procedures for these emerging roles.

Position: Educator Locale: Enugu State, Nigeria Sector: Education and Training

Universal Basic Education Commission: Key Responsibilities

  1. The commission stands firm in its commitment to excellently deliver on UBE obligations, pivotal in combating societal illiteracy.
  2. The Enugu State Basic Education Board ensures the organization’s funds are judiciously used to further educational endeavors.
  3. The commission establishes and enforces fundamental educational standards.
  4. UBEC undertakes the development of a foundational education database while consistently researching the nation’s educational infrastructure.
  5. The National Government often looks to the Universal Basic Education Commission for recommendations on nurturing, funding, and elevating the nation’s basic education.

Criteria for Application

  • Prospective applicants must possess the National Certificate in Education (NCE).
  • Individuals who demonstrate impeccable conduct and the capacity to instill discipline in students are ideal candidates.
  • The board appreciates educators who can foster strong bonds with their students.
  • It’s essential for aspiring educators to showcase patience, compassion, and warmth.
  • Teachers familiar with terms such as ENSUBEB job listings, 2023/2024 teaching opportunities in Enugu, and Universal Basic Education Board recruitment 2023 are highly encouraged to apply.

Application Duration: Approximately 1 hour

How to Join the Enugu State Universal Basic Education Team:

Applicants can either apply online or offline. After thoroughly reviewing the role specifications, candidates should send copies of their qualifications, resume, age verification, and local government identification to:

The Executive Chairman,
Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board,
WAEC Bus Stop, Upper Presidential Road,
Independence Layout,
Enugu State.

Alternatively, digital applications can be sent to: or through the ENSUBEB official portal at

Lastly, we eagerly await your feedback on this recruitment notice. Kindly share your thoughts, queries, or even just your general feedback. And, don’t hesitate to spread the word on social platforms to inform prospective candidates in your network.


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