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Jobs at Retirement Benefits Authority | RBA Jobs in Kenya 2023/2024

Jobs at Retirement Benefits Authority

Jobs at Retirement Benefits Authority | RBA Jobs in Kenya 2023/2024: The Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) stands as a pivotal institution in Kenya, with its primary responsibility being the oversight and regulation of the pension industry’s financial institutions. Functioning under the aegis of the national treasury, this establishment plays a crucial role in maintaining the financial stability of Kenya’s retirement sector.

We are excited to bring to your attention that the Retirement Benefits Authority is now opening its doors for recruitment for the 2023/2024 cycle. Those who have been on the lookout for job opportunities at the Retirement Benefits Authority, as well as governmental positions in Kenya or roles within the Kenya Retirement Benefits Authority domain, this is your moment.

Available Jobs at Retirement Benefits Authority, Kenya:

1. Records Assistant

  • Location: Kenya
  • Sector: Public Sector/Government Agencies
  • Job Description: The individual will be responsible for ensuring precise documentation and event registry within the authority.
  • Requirements:
    • A minimum qualification of a diploma.
    • Proficient office management abilities.
    • Previous experience in office administration or secretarial roles is a distinct advantage.
    • A valid form of identification is essential during the recruitment process.

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2. Driver

  • Location: Kenya
  • Job Description: The selected candidate will be responsible for various driving and logistical duties at RBA.
  • Requirements:
    • Minimum educational qualification: KSCE certificate.
    • Evidence of first aid training.
    • Valid driving license.
    • At least 3 years of driving experience in Kenya.
    • Comprehensive understanding of vehicle maintenance and repair.
    • Monthly record keeping of vehicle operations.

3. ICT Officer

  • Location: Kenya
  • Job Description: The role involves overseeing and managing the ICT operations within RBA.
  • Requirements:
    • A degree is essential.
    • Proficiency in Java, SQL, PHP, Net Framework, etc.
    • Certification in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/SAP/Microsoft Dynamics or similar.
    • A minimum of one year’s experience in ICT roles in Kenya.

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4. Executive Assistant

  • Location: Kenya
  • Job Description: This is a high-level role providing executive support within the RBA.
  • Requirements:
    • Bachelor’s degree in a related Social Science discipline.
    • KSCE certificate.
    • Prior experience in a similar top-management role in Kenya.
    • Fluency in both English and Kiswahili is desired.

5. Finance Officer

  • Location: Kenya
  • Job Description: The officer will be instrumental in managing RBA’s financial operations, ensuring adherence to budgets, and providing crucial financial advice to the management.
  • Requirements:
    • Degree in a finance-related field.
    • Relevant professional certifications.
    • Proficiency in computer operations.

How to Apply for Jobs at Retirement Benefits Authority:

For those keen to be part of this esteemed organization, you can forward your applications via the official portal at Ensure you’ve reviewed all the job requirements prior to applying.

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The Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) continues to stand as a beacon of excellence and stability in the pension industry of Kenya. As it opens its recruitment doors for the 2023/2024 cycle, this presents an outstanding opportunity for professionals across various fields to contribute to and shape the future of retirement benefits in the country. With a range of roles available, from administrative to technical, RBA offers a dynamic environment for growth, impact, and advancement. Those seeking a rewarding career with significant societal impact are encouraged to apply, ensuring that they are part of a team that safeguards the retirement dreams of countless Kenyans.

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