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P-YES Programme

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For Nigerians eager to interact with the Federal Government’s 2023/2024 Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-Yes), this digital space is your quintessential destination.

Primarily, the sanctioned digital portal for the P-YES initiative is Hence, Nigerians are counseled to traverse this domain and commence their digital engagement.

Subsequently, this digital gateway:, dedicated to the present Federal Government’s Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES), furnishes aspirants the flexibility to resume their digital engagement at their leisure, utilizing their unique identifiers and passcodes –

Yet, Nigerians with a fervent desire to enroll in the Federal Government’s 2023/2024 P-yes initiative should anticipate a structured enlightenment journey.

Title: Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES)
Locale: Pan-Nigeria
Vocational Domains: Agrarian Endeavors, Medical & Pharmaceutical Pursuits, Gastronomy & Nutrition, Technological Innovations, Public Sector Engagements.

P-YES Initiative Synopsis

The Nigerian Federal Government conceived the P-YES strategy as a structured blueprint to address the burgeoning unemployment conundrum.

Moreover, the P-YES initiative offers Nigerian youth tangible empowerment, a magnanimous gesture from the Federal Government.

Merits of P-YES for Nigerian Progeny (Recipients)

Initially, Nigerian progeny engaging via will undergo tutelage in sectors like Agronomy, Aesthetics & Elegance, Gastronomy, Health & Wellness, and not to overlook, Technological Advancements.

Subsequently, those who excel in their tutelage will be endowed with tools of empowerment, courtesy of the Nigerian Federal Government. These instruments encompass agrarian machinery, avian essentials, branded mobile stalls, agrarian apparatus, mobile eateries, sheltering canopies, visual capture units, and an expansive array –

Academic Credentials & Stipulations for 2023/2024 P-YES Initiative –

The 2023/2024 Federal Government’s Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-Yes) welcomes the Educated, Semi-Educated, and the Unlettered in Nigeria.

Concurrently, aspirants should possess proficiency in the English lexicon, complemented by a regional dialect.

Thirdly, and of paramount importance, they should epitomize decorum.

Every P-YES aspirant requires an endorsement, preferably from a societal or spiritual luminary.

Endorsement from their respective Local Governance is imperative.

Solely Nigerian nationals are eligible for participation in the P-YES initiative.

Recipients should fall within the age bracket of 18 to 40 years.

Aspirants should be predisposed to furnish identification documents like an International Passport, Permanent Voters Card- PVC, or a National Identity card.

Moreover, beneficiaries of the P-YES initiative should identify a Secondary Level Beneficiary (SLB).

Duration: Approximately 50 minutes

Procedure to Engage with P-Yes Initiative

Engage via the P-Yes Official Digital Portal. Predominantly, qualified Nigerians wishing to interact with this initiative should navigate to the registration portal – [Link].

Furthermore, adherence to the engagement guidelines is paramount. Ensure all prerequisites are at hand prior to initiating your engagement.

Also, procure the Guarantor’s documentation from

In conclusion, it is our aspiration that we’ve elucidated all nuances regarding the 2023/2024 P-YES Initiative. Your queries are welcome in the commentary section, and we encourage you to subscribe for complimentary email updates, ensuring timely information delivery.

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