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MTN Nigeria Salary Scale and the Amount they Pay Staff

MTN Nigeria Salary

MTN Nigeria Salary Scale and the Amount they Pay Staff: MTN Nigeria, a subsidiary of the MTN Group, is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Nigeria. Given its significant presence and operations, many aspiring professionals and job seekers are interested in understanding the remuneration package offered by the company. This article provides insights into the salary scale and how much MTN Nigeria pays its staff across various roles.

1. Entry-Level Employees

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  • Salary Range: Entry-level employees or graduate trainees at MTN Nigeria can expect a monthly salary ranging from NGN 200,000 to NGN 300,000.
  • Additional Benefits: Apart from the basic salary, employees may receive health insurance, airtime allowances, and other performance-related bonuses.

2. Mid-Level Professionals

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  • Salary Range: Employees at this level, which includes roles like managers or supervisors, typically earn between NGN 500,000 to NGN 800,000 monthly.
  • Additional Perks: These roles often come with added benefits, such as increased airtime allowances, comprehensive health coverage, and potential for overseas training or conferences.

3. Senior-Level Executives

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  • Salary Range: Senior executives, such as directors or members of the senior management team, can anticipate salaries starting from NGN 1,500,000 and going upwards based on their role and responsibilities.
  • Executive Perks: In addition to their salary, they might have access to company cars, housing allowances, larger bonuses, and stock options.

4. Specialist and Technical Roles

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  • Salary Range: Depending on their expertise and years of experience, professionals in these roles can earn anywhere from NGN 400,000 to over NGN 1,000,000 monthly.
  • Unique Benefits: Given the specialized nature of their roles, they may also receive continuous training, certifications, and opportunities to attend international tech conferences.

5. Contract and Part-Time Positions

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  • Salary Specifications: These positions are often remunerated based on hourly rates, project deliverables, or short-term contracts. The pay varies widely based on the specific role and its requirements.


MTN Nigeria, being a prominent player in the telecommunications sector, offers competitive salary packages and benefits to attract and retain top talent. While the figures mentioned are estimates, it’s evident that the company provides comprehensive compensation packages aligned with industry standards. Potential candidates should always engage in negotiations and discussions to understand the complete salary structure relevant to their role.


Q1: Are the salary figures provided in the article up-to-date?

A: The figures in the article are based on estimates and research available as of 2022. It’s essential to note that salaries can change based on market dynamics, internal company policies, and other factors. Always consult MTN Nigeria’s official channels or HR department for the most current figures.

Q2: Does MTN Nigeria offer non-monetary benefits to its employees?

A: Yes, MTN Nigeria offers various non-monetary benefits to its employees, ranging from health insurance and airtime allowances to opportunities for overseas training or attending international conferences, depending on the role and level in the company.

Q3: Are the salary scales mentioned standard across all MTN Nigeria locations?

A: While the article provides a general overview of the salary scales, there might be slight variations based on the location and specific job requirements. It’s always best to check with local MTN offices for precise figures.

Q4: How does MTN Nigeria’s remuneration compare to other telecommunications companies in Nigeria?

A: The article focuses on MTN Nigeria’s salary scales. While MTN offers competitive packages to attract top talent, the exact comparison with other telecommunications companies would require a separate analysis.

Q5: Is there room for salary negotiation when getting a job at MTN Nigeria?

A: Yes, like many corporate entities, potential candidates have room to engage in negotiations. It’s essential to be well-informed and come prepared to discussions with data and valid reasons to support your salary expectations.

Q6: Does MTN Nigeria provide bonuses and performance-based incentives?

A: The article mentions performance-related bonuses for certain roles. Typically, many positions within MTN Nigeria come with performance incentives, but the exact nature and amount vary based on the job role, performance metrics, and other company policies.

Q7: Are contract and part-time positions eligible for the same benefits as full-time roles?

A: Contract and part-time roles might not have access to the same full range of benefits as full-time employees. However, they will receive benefits tailored to the nature and duration of their contract.

Q8: How often does MTN Nigeria review its salary scales?

A: The frequency of salary reviews depends on internal company policies, market dynamics, and other factors. It’s recommended to consult MTN Nigeria’s HR department for specifics on this matter.

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