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NGO Jobs in Ghana 2023/2024 and How to Apply

NGO Jobs in Ghana

NGO Jobs in Ghana 2023/2024 and How to Apply: Ghana, with its swiftly growing economy, stands as one of Africa’s emerging powerhouses. This nation’s economic surge is acknowledged worldwide. Particularly thriving is Ghana’s NGO sector, which has become a beacon of hope. Through their tireless efforts, NGOs in Ghana have been instrumental in ensuring basic necessities and support for the vulnerable, especially women and children.

If you’ve been eyeing NGO Jobs in Ghana, either domestic or international, or if you’re seeking opportunities for NGO volunteer positions for the years 2023/2024, you’re in the right spot. We’ve curated a list of vacancies that cater to various qualifications.

A Glimpse into NGO Jobs in Ghana 2023/2024

Our collaboration with recruitment specialists has yielded detailed insights into the roles and responsibilities of various positions in the NGO sector. While many NGO Jobs in Ghana necessitate a solid educational foundation, certain roles, such as driving positions, prioritize experience over formal education.

Being a part of an NGO in Ghana is not just about the paycheck; it’s a calling. It demands dedication and a genuine passion for humanitarian work.

Spotlight on Notable NGO Vacancies in Ghana

  1. Chief of Party
    Organization: FHI 360 Global Role: Oversee the USAID Ghana social and behavioral change project, set and monitor annual goals. Requirements: Minimum of a Master’s degree in Public Health or related field, senior project management experience, adaptability in dynamic work environments.
  2. Market and Financial Specialist Advisor
    Organization: SNV International
    Role: Drive the WASH project’s financial vision and draft development frameworks. Requirements: Experience in sales, marketing, financial analysis, and prior NGO volunteer roles. Must be a resident of Ghana.
  3. Program Manager
    Organization: Luminous Fund
    Role: Oversee educational advocacy campaigns. Requirements: Organizational skills, a Master’s Degree in a relevant field, proficiency in Microsoft Office, and fluency in Asante Twi and English.
  4. Project Manager – TAGE
    Organization: ActionAid Ghana
    Role: Lead the TAGE project initiatives. Requirements: Advanced project management skills, a Master’s Degree in a relevant discipline, and strong analytical capabilities.
  5. SBC Media Development Officer
    Organization: FHI 360 International
    Role: Enhance media campaigns and the organization’s public image. Requirements: Advanced media skills, a Master’s Degree in a relevant discipline, and proficiency in health management.
  6. Planning, Monitoring, and Environmental Manager
    Organization: UNICEF
    Role: Aid in developing Annual Work Plans, ensure UNICEF evaluations meet UN standards. Requirements: University degree in a related field, at least five years of experience in PME.
  7. Community Engagement Specialist
    Organization: FHI 360 International
    Role: Provide technical support to FHI 360 Ghana health programs. Requirements: Comprehensive understanding of community engagement schemes, a university degree, and fluency in English and local languages.

Navigating the Application Process for NGO Jobs in Ghana

For those eager to dive into the world of NGO Jobs in Ghana, initiating your application process is straightforward. Simply begin your online application HERE. Alternatively, refer to the respective NGO websites. Most of the listed NGO Jobs in Ghana are restricted to residents, unless otherwise specified. It’s paramount to ensure that your submitted documents are genuine and verifiable. And remember, genuine job applications are free of charge, so remain vigilant against potential scams. Always adhere to the guidelines provided by the respective NGOs.


As Ghana continues its journey of economic progress, the role of NGOs becomes even more pivotal. These organizations bridge the gap between growth and grassroots development, ensuring that the fruits of progress reach every corner. For those who resonate with a calling for humanitarian work, the NGO sector in Ghana offers not just a job but a mission. With the plethora of NGO Jobs in Ghana listed for 2023/2024, there’s a diverse range of opportunities awaiting passionate individuals. Remember, it’s not just about qualifications; it’s about the drive to make a change. So, if you’re equipped with the zeal and the necessary credentials, the world of NGOs in Ghana welcomes you with open arms. Embrace the chance, and become a beacon of hope in this burgeoning nation.

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