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Regional Director Of Marketing Salary

Regional Director Of Marketing Salary

What Is Regional Marketing Director?

A company’s market expansion in a specific geographic area is the responsibility of a regional marketing director. First, he must create a strategic plan for a particular region that adheres to the general aims and objectives of the business. What Is Regional Marketing Director and Regional Director Of Marketing Salary

Then, in collaboration with other regional marketing directors in charge of various geographical areas, he manages the marketing directors, colleagues, and assistants allocated to his territory. The regional directors, who work directly under the vice president of marketing or a comparable senior executive, hold the highest operational position in the marketing division. What Is Regional Marketing Director

Large corporations’ marketing divisions seek clever methods to advertise their products to various audiences. For example, many businesses divide the entire region into smaller portions rather than considering it as a single, homogenous unit. This helps the company run its operations more effectively and splits the market into functional parts to focus its advertising. These more focused areas are frequently based on geography. What Is Regional Marketing Director

Local, national, or worldwide geographic segmentation is possible. For instance, a worldwide firm may list North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia as its regions. A company that solely conducts business in the US may categorize its areas into the northeast, central, and northwestern states. Similarly, a US company that exclusively performs business in the form of New York can designate the upstate area and the New York City region as its regions. What Is Regional Marketing Director


The companies give each region a regional marketing director. In general, the director is in charge of developing and carrying out a plan to expand the local market. This strategy must be compatible with the overall strategic marketing plan of the business. The regional marketing director is the boss of every marketing employee assigned to that area and receives reports from them. Regional marketing initiative functions in many ways, like a marketing division within a marketing division. What Is Regional Marketing Director

They should also be aware of the demands in his territory. He is in charge of creating new strategic plans to expand the business’s market share and forming alliances that will aid the region in achieving its goals. Regional directors are assessed based on the performance of their parts and the success of their areas compared to other regions. What Is Regional Marketing Director

A regional marketing director supervises a budget, performs employee evaluations, and organizes and directs daily marketing, advertising, and promotional initiatives for the business and its goods. Additionally, he participates in company-wide gatherings, speaking out for his region in decisions that impact the entire organization. He frequently exercises structural power over his subordinates, appointing and dismissing workers as necessary. What Is Regional Marketing Director

What Does A Director Of Marketing Do?

A regional marketing director manages the marketing activities in an area. They oversee the execution of projects and programs, establish timetables and guidelines, collaborate with managers, conduct market research and analysis to spot trends and opportunities, assess current marketing initiatives, and create plans to enhance regional operations. What Does A Director Of Marketing Do

Additionally, a regional marketing director must inspire the team to achieve objectives while upholding and promoting the organization’s rules and regulations, including its vision and purpose. What Does A Director Of Marketing Do


Here are some duties from actual regional marketing director resumes that indicate regular responsibilities they would probably carry out in their positions. What Does A Director Of Marketing Do

  • Manage payroll for employees and administration logistics.
    To increase client growth, implement internet marketing initiatives that include social media and mobile marketing. What Does A Director Of Marketing Do
  • Utilized social media technologies, including Instagram, Woobox, and Hootsuite.
  • Lead UnitedHealthcare’s involvement and brand positioning in the healthcare industry for federal and state exchanges.
  • Through strategic planning and forward-thinking, balance sales production, marketing return on investment, and overhead expenses.
  • Launch the healthcare industry using brand methods and lead creation that concentrate on the analytical shortfalls of rivals.
  • Create and implement a marketing plan for a new tanning product in the designated region.
  • Create marketing plans, starting with data analysis and research, through design, execution, ROI analysis, and further improvement.
  • Use data analytics to analyze plans and initiatives, find opportunities, and promote better-informed decision-making. What Does A Director Of Marketing Do
  • Work closely and productively with the sales division and important distributors to develop market-appropriate consumer and retail promotions.
  • Using technical site analytics and marketing design execution, translate the sponsor’s business objectives into effective optimization methods. What Does A Director Of Marketing Do
  • Create and execute a standardized online and distribution procedure for menus to reduce printing and shipping expenses.
  • Advise on developing B2B/B2C campaigns, local market involvement strategies, and comprehensive regional efforts with regional marketing assistance. What Does A Director Of Marketing Do
  • Create and implement a strategic approach that will open up OEM and product support prospects for civil and military sectors. What Does A Director Of Marketing Do

Do Marketing Directors Make A Lot Of Money?

Yes, marketing managers do earn a hefty salary. Over $185,000 is the wage for the 25th percentile, with the most significant earnings. The states with the highest average salaries for marketing managers are New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Colorado.

This job is typically regarded as senior-level. Marketing managers are in charge of supervising teams, managing initiatives, and reviewing results. Many years of work experience are necessary for the position. The position may be directly responsible to the vice president, marketing director, or chief financial officer.

The standard 40-hour workweek is frequently exceeded in this position, which is compensated with sizable incentives and add-ons that raise the annual salary.

Regional Director Of Marketing Salary

In the United States, a regional marketing director has an average salary of $89,062.

Suppose you need a quick salary estimator. That comes out to be about $42.82 per hour. This is the same as $1,712 each week or $7,421 per month. Regional Director Of Marketing Salary

The majority of Regional Marketing Director salaries currently range between $50,000 (25th percentile) and $120,000 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $126,000 annually across the United States, according to, which reports annual salaries as high as $128,000 and as low as $34,500. Regional Director Of Marketing Salary

However, the wide variety of wages that a Regional Marketing Director receives on average—up to $70,000—indicates that there may be several prospects for salary increases and development based on experience, region, and skill level. Regional Director Of Marketing Salary

According to recent job posting activity on, few employers are hiring right now, making the market for regional marketing directors jobs in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as the whole state. The average yearly pay for a regional marketing director in your area is $89,062, which equals the $89,062 national average. Out of all 50 states in the US, it pays the highest salary for a regional marketing director. Regional Director Of Marketing Salary

As millions of current jobs are advertised locally across America, regularly checks its database to get the most precise yearly pay range for Regional Marketing Director positions. Regional Director Of Marketing Salary

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Regional Marketing Director Jobs

We’ve discovered ten places where a Regional Marketing Director’s usual pay is higher than the national average. Top of the list is Green River, Wyoming, followed closely by Atkinson, Nebraska, and San Francisco, California, in second and third, respectively. Regional Director Of Marketing Salary

San Francisco, California, surpasses the national average by $13,705 (15.4%), while Green River, Wyoming, continues this trend by exceeding the $89,062 norm by another $22,101 (24.8%). Regional Director Of Marketing Salary

The average salary in these ten cities is greater than the national average. Therefore, progressing professionally as a regional marketing director is profitable. Regional Director Of Marketing Salary

The average pay in these top ten locations differs just a tiny 11% between Green River, Wyoming, and Marysville, Washington, supporting the limited prospect for significant wage development. Therefore, when weighing location and income for a Regional Marketing Director position, the ideal aspect of employment may be the potential for a cheaper cost of living. Regional Director Of Marketing Salary


CityAnnual PayMonthly SalaryWeekly SalaryHourly Pay
Green River, WY$111,163$9,263$2,137$53.44
Atkinson, NE$110,136$9,178$2,118$52.95
San Francisco, CA$102,767$8,563$1,976$49.41
Cool Valley, MO$102,282$8,523$1,966$49.17
Bolinas, CA$102,251$8,520$1,966$49.16
Washington, DC$101,939$8,494$1,960$49.01
Los Angeles, CA$100,392$8,366$1,930$48.27
Jersey City, NJ$100,235$8,352$1,927$48.19
Kensington, NY$100,137$8,344$1,925$48.14
Marysville, WA$98,933$8,244$1,902$47.56
Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Regional Marketing Director Jobs

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