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Should I Submit a Cover Letter for a new Job?

Should I Submit a Cover Letter for a new Job?

By: Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

I have been asked this question several times by various job applicants and mentees. Do you really need a cover letter when applying for a new job? You might be wondering if sending a resume or CV is enough, especially if the corporation or organization did not specifically requested you to send a cover letter.

I understand writing a cover letter for each specific job could be time-consuming, so it is always easy to skip this process. But, it could be suicidal if you avoid taking this all important step towards getting your dream job.

A cover letter is necessary whether you were asked to send your resume or CV with it or not. Over 90% of hiring managers wants to see it, even though they didn’t specify you send it. They assume you should know, you see!
The labor market is highly competitive. Thus, a cover letter will boost your candidacy. When done right, a cover letter is meant to highlight your relevant skills, competencies and qualifications for the job.

Your cover letter is the best, most effective and efficient way of showing your prospective employer what you want them to know, without stressing the hiring manager to figure it out themselves from your resume or CV.

So, why not stand out with an inspiring, irresistible cover letter?

Adhere strictly to these tips:
• Make sure your cover letter is written in a simple, clear and readable English language.
• Avoid fluff contents and irrelevant details in the cover letter.
• Avoid sending a generic cover letter to every job posting; this shows you are unserious and unprofessional. Most hiring managers will not take time to sort this out. They will simply dump it in the trash bin. I am speaking from an informed position here.
• Write a targeted cover letter that showcases your experience, skills, and competencies to the advertised position.
• Proofread before you submit.

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