Latest Airtel Kenya Recruitment 2023/2024 | Airtel Jobs in Kenya

Airtel Jobs in Kenya

Latest Airtel Kenya Recruitment 2023/2024 | Airtel Jobs in Kenya: In the landscape of mobile telecom services in Kenya, Airtel Kenya emerges as a key player, well-regarded for its trustworthiness and reliability among both consumers and business partners.

We at the Modern Newsroom are thrilled to bring to your attention that Airtel Kenya is actively hiring for a plethora of roles within their organization. This is excellent news for those on the hunt for roles in ICT, telecommunication sectors, and particularly for those looking for top-paying positions in these industries.

Current Job Openings at Airtel Kenya and Their Requirements

Job Position: Business Support Engineer

Location: Kenya

Qualifications for Business Support Engineer Role

Candidates for this role should be adept at troubleshooting RAN-related customer issues, requiring quick and efficient analytical capabilities.

In addition, comprehensive understanding of RAN designs and IP networking is essential for this role.

With a sensitive role like this, Airtel Kenya insists on candidates having at least 8 years of relevant experience in the ICT sector.

Familiarity with Huawei’s business operations is also a prerequisite for this role.

Job Position: Regional Technical Officer

Qualifications Necessary for Regional Technical Officer Position

The role entails managing the daily technical operations for Airtel Kenya in a designated region.

Considering this is among the higher-paying positions in Kenya, a minimum of 8 years in telecom operations and maintenance is mandatory.

Effective team management skills are also a key requirement.

Given the highly competitive nature of the telecom sector, creativity and innovation are sought-after traits for this role.

Job Position: Head of Business Support System

Location: Kenya

Essential Requirements for Head of Business Support System

The role is exclusive to those with Computer Science degrees.

Prior experience in similar roles at Telkom Kenya or 9mobile will be a definite advantage.

Airtel Kenya is on the lookout for dedicated individuals who can oversee its IT unit responsible for business support systems like Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management.

Moreover, candidates should have relevant certifications from professional bodies related to the telecommunications sector.

The role demands a strong work ethic and impeccable integrity.

How to Apply for The Airtel Jobs in Kenya

For those who meet the necessary criteria, applications can be submitted through the official Airtel Kenya recruitment portal, linked beside each job title.

To further prepare for the recruitment process, it is advisable to review past question and answer materials relevant to Airtel Kenya job positions.


In summary, Airtel Kenya stands as a cornerstone in the Kenyan telecommunications landscape, continuously seeking to enrich its workforce with skilled and dedicated professionals. The variety of roles currently open for recruitment demonstrate the company’s commitment to building a team that can navigate the ever-evolving challenges of the ICT sector. These opportunities are not just jobs, but career-defining roles that offer a chance to contribute to one of Kenya’s most reputable companies. For those who possess the required skills and experience, this is a golden opportunity to become part of a team that values innovation, integrity, and excellence. Don’t miss out; apply today and potentially secure a place in one of Kenya’s leading telecommunications companies. Good luck to all applicants!

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