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Pixar Animator Salary US – Salary Review of a Pixar Animator

Pixar Animator

I want to tour some historical background studies before we get to the main topic: Pixar Animation pay. Pixar Animator Salary

Brief Description Of Pixar Animation

Pixar, or Pixar Animation Studios, is a motion picture company that began operating as a wholly owned Disney Company subsidiary in 2006. It played a significant role in creating and releasing computer-animated movies in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Pixar’s full-length films, which continuously had economic success on a global scale, were praised for their innovative visuals and thoughtful and compelling narratives. Its main office is in Emeryville, California. Do Pixar Animators Get Paid Well

Ed Catmull and a group of computer scientists at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) helped shape the field of computer graphics in the 1970s when Pixar first began. Several of Catmull’s NYIT colleagues joined him when he was hired by Lucasfilm Ltd., the California-based production business of film director George Lucas, in 1979 to head its fledgling computer section. The Pixar Image Computer, created by the division to advance graphics technology, can output high-resolution, three-dimensional, color visuals, making it useful for fields other than cinema. By 1984 Lucasfilm had recruited John Lasseter, who had previously worked as an animator at Disney. He used the business’s technical advancements to create short computer-animated films (the name “Pixar” was coined as a faux-Spanish term meaning “to make images. Do Pixar Animators Get Paid Well

The Spliting

Lucas wanted to simplify his business, so in 1986 the computer section was split out as a separate company. Steve Jobs, a co-founder of Apple and then-CEO of NeXT Inc., bought the majority stake in this new company. Jobs was appointed chairman of the board, while Catmull was made president and CEO of the new business, which would later be known as Pixar. Jobs first directed the business’s efforts toward promoting the Pixar Image Computer and creating cutting-edge graphics software. But Pixar took a while to start making money; in 1990, it sold its hardware business. It relocated from San Rafael, California, to the adjacent town of Point Richmond in the same year. Pixar Animator Salary

While this was happening, Tin Toy, one of Lasseter’s short films created with the company’s innovative tools, received praise (1988). Pixar started producing computer-animated television advertisements in 1989, and two years later company signed a deal with Disney to co-develop, make, and release three full-length animated films. Toy Story, the first fully computer-animated feature picture that debuted in theaters in 1995, took most of the following few years for Pixar to reorganize to fit its new creative focus. Lasseter, the film’s director, received an Academy Award for exceptional achievement for his work on the family-friendly movie, mockingly depicting toys’ intimate lives. Pixar Animator Salary Near New York (NY)


As the company’s CEO by 1995, Jobs had assumed a more active position inside it. (Catmull continued to be a senior executive.) Following the debut of Toy Story, Pixar started its maiden public stock offering. The company sought to prolong its collaboration with Disney in 1997 after accruing large profits from the movie and its merchandise. A Bug’s Life (1998), Toy Story 2 (1999), Finding Nemo (2003), and The Incredibles (2001) were all box office successes for Pixar as it grew its business (it relocated to its Emeryville headquarters in 2000). (2004). Pixar Animator Salary

As the Disney contract was about to expire in 2006, Jobs sold Pixar to a more significant business. Lasseter was appointed the studio’s chief creative officer, while Catmull was made president of both Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios. In 2018, he resigned from his job following claims of sexual misconduct. Other Pixar works include WALL-E (2008), Brave (2012), Monsters University (2013), Inside Out (2015), Finding Dory (2016), a follow-up to Finding Nemo, Coco (2017), Incredibles 2 (2018), Toy Story 4 (2019), Soul (2020), and Lightyear (2022), a Toy Story spin-off. Pixar works dominated the field for the first ten years. The Academy Award for best-animated feature picture was given (starting in 2002), earning eight nominations and six victories. Two other animated films, Up (2009) and Toy Story 3 (2010), were nominated for the best picture Oscar. Pixar Animator Job Description

How To Become A Pixar Animator

A veteran of Pixar, Andrew Gordon, shares his insider tips for breaking into the company.

Getting a job at Pixar is the ultimate goal for many animators. Since its founding in 1986, the animation behemoth has grown exponentially, and the employees are mostly to thank for it. Only the top candidates are hired at Pixar, and gaining a job is extremely tough. Understanding how the business functions and finding your best entry point are crucial; it’s about more than just skill. And we’re available to assist. Pixar Animator Salary Near New York (NY)

We chatted with Andrew Gordon(opens in new tab), who has 20 years of experience working as Pixar’s animation director and a wealth of knowledge to impart on how to be hired there. Here is what he had to say about the selection process for Pixar internships, the value of portfolios (for ideas, see these great examples of design portfolios(open in a new tab)), and why you should volunteer to clean the bathrooms. Pixar Animator Salary Near New York (NY)

How do you get into the industry?

“Do not wear the “I simply want to work at Pixar” or “I just want to work here” blinkers. You should gain as much experience as possible, wherever you can, and work as hard as you can. But, ultimately, you have to take less-than-ideal jobs to get to the one you desire. Pixar Animator Job Description

“Obtaining an internship is fantastic. Let me work on this equipment that nobody else has access to, I would say. “Look, I’ll pack a package or clean the restrooms.” Since access to the software is now more widely available, securing an internship with a respected industry member is more important than it was back then. So, when choosing such internships, you must consider the people and the surroundings while asking yourself, “How can I learn?” However, it’s also essential to have a positive outlook, get your foot in the door, and avoid feeling too comfortable. Pixar Animator Job Description

“About three times, I oversaw internships at Pixar, and one of the risks for the interns is that the work is quite lucrative at the studio. It has a beautiful gym, excellent instruction, and is comfy. For these new men, though, it may become a little too cozy, which poses a risk. It’s not that kids shouldn’t have fun, but at the same time, you should put effort into your shot rather than spending two hours playing basketball.

“For brand-new animators, the key is simply gaining experience. If you need access to knowledge, set goals and tasks for yourself to do. Enroll in a course; do anything where you are essentially doing work, receiving feedback on it, and improving as a result. There are now a lot of ways to obtain that. In a sense, the internet has created new universes. Pixar Animator Salary

What criteria does Pixar use to choose applicants for internships?

First, the applications are narrowed down in search of genuinely excellent candidates, and after that, it is a continuous screening procedure. Everyone sits in a room, arranges the reels in a circle, and repeats this process until they have made their final decisions.

‘That guy is insane, but we’re going to go for it,’ you know, sometimes it comes down to that. Then some are talented, and those have promise. But, unfortunately, there isn’t a single reel guaranteeing you a spot.

“Having a decent concept is all that matters in the end. And sound judgment. It truly boils down to the images and the acting ideas. It’s about something other than having a perfectly polished walk cycle. Pixar Animator Salary

Pixar Animator Job Description


  • Receive storyboards, narrative reels, recorded dialogue, set layout, and direction for each allocated shot. Pixar Animator Job Description
  • Then, at a “blocking meeting,” the Director layouts each new sequence and explains the expectations for each photo.
  • Plan your shot after reading the soundtrack.
  • Complete work for Director approval promptly
  • Block in motions in rough animation and show for permission in daily reviews
  • Attend animation dailies. Pixar Animator Job Description


  • A degree or certificate in traditional animation, film, or a related field, or equivalent production animation experience; Pixar Animator Job Description
  • Proven storytelling abilities;
  • Strong understanding of traditional animation principles;
  • An art background that demonstrates an in-depth understanding of physical motion, weight, balance, texture, and form; Pixar Animator Job Description
  • The capacity to work collaboratively;

Pixar Animator Salary

The Animation Studios employees in the US make an average of $65,086 annually.

Suppose you need a quick pay estimator. That comes to about $31.29 per hour. This is the same as $1,251 each week or $5,423 per month. Pixar Animator Salary

The majority of Pixar Animation Studios’ salaries currently range between $35,500 (25th percentile) and $83,500 (75th percentile). With top earners (90th percentile) making $115,500 annually across the United States. At the same time, reports annual salaries as high as $152,500 and as low as $20,500. The range of typical salaries at Pixar Animation Studios—up to $48,000. This indicates that there may be several prospects for income increases and development based on experience, location, and skill level. Pixar Animator Salary

According to recent job posting activity on, only a few employers are hiring right now. Making the Pixar Animation Studios employment market in Lagos, Nigeria, and the whole state not particularly active. The average yearly pay for Pixar Animation Studios in your region is $65,699. Which is $613 (1%) higher than the $65,086 national average—ranked first among all 50 states in the US for Pixar Animation Studios wages.

As millions of current positions are advertised locally across America. regularly checks its database to get the most precise yearly pay range for Pixar Animation Studios’ employment.

Pixar Animator Salary Near New York (NY)

In New York City, the average yearly salary for the category of Animator employment is $54,896. Suppose you need a quick pay estimator. That comes to about $26.39 per hour. This equates to $1,055 each week or $4,574 per month. Pixar Animator Salary Near New York (NY)

Animator job salaries typically vary between $40,446 (25th percentile) and $75,973 (75th percentile). With top earners (90th percentile) making $88,545 yearly in New York City. According to, which reports wages as high as $102,210 and as low as $12,025. Pixar Animator Salary Near New York (NY)

There may be several prospects for growth and improved income dependent on skill level, location. And years of experience because the typical salary range for an animator job ranges widely (up to $35,527). Pixar Animator Salary Near New York (NY)

According to recent job ads on There is a strong need for animators in New York City, NY, and nearby areas. Pixar Animator Salary Near New York (NY)

As millions of current jobs are advertised locally around America. regularly searches our database to get the most precise yearly pay range for Animator positions. Pixar Animator Salary Near New York (NY)

Pixar Animator Salary Near New Jersey

3D animators in New Jersey make an average salary of $69,157 per year. That comes to about $33.25 an hour, in case you need a quick pay calculator. This amounts to $5,763 a month or $1,329 per week.

While has wages as high as $137,956 and as low as $10,612, most 3D Animator salaries today are in the range of $48,236 (25th percentile) to $103,707 (75th percentile), with the top earners (90th percentile) in New Jersey getting $115,767 yearly.

According to skill level, geography, and years of experience, the typical salary range for a 3D animator can vary substantially (up to $55,471), indicating that there may be several prospects for growth and better pay.

According to a recent job posting on, few organizations are hiring right now, indicating that the 3D Animator job market in New Jersey isn’t highly active.

Regarding 3D Animator salary, New Jersey comes in at 28 out of all 50 states.

As millions of current jobs are listed locally across America, regularly searches its database to get the most precise yearly pay range for 3D animator positions.

Do Pixar Animators Get Paid Well?

Yes, Pixar Animators are being paid handsomely well. Below is a breakdown; Do Pixar Animators Get Paid Well

In the United States, Pixar Animation Studios pays an average salary of $40.06 an hour, or $83,323 annually. However, the wage between the poorest 10% of employees and the top 10% of earners at Pixar Animation Studios differs significantly. Do Pixar Animators Get Paid Well

The highest-paid employees at Pixar Animation Studios earn over $160,000 annually, while the lowest-paid employees make less than $43,000. Do Pixar Animators Get Paid Well

Your compensation at Pixar Animation Studios may also depend on your line of employment. The two organizational roles at Pixar Animation Studios that pay the highest salaries are engineering and it, where employees get an average yearly compensation of $141,035 and $100,972, respectively. Employees at Pixar Animation Studios based in Seattle, WA, Emeryville, CA, and Newark, DE, respectively, receive the highest compensation regarding how location affects pay at the company. Do Pixar Animators Get Paid Well

Is It Hard To Become An Animator For Pixar?

It’s pretty straightforward:

  • Develop an appealing portfolio by learning about Maya
  • Apply with your portfolio and resume. Is It Hard To Become An Animator For Pixar

You should get familiar with the fundamentals of each Maya area (modeling, animation, surfacing, simulation, renderer, and MEL), but focus on mastering the one(s) that are most relevant to the job you seek. For example, modeling, surfacing, animation, lighting/compositing/rendering are the animation specializations with entry-level roles in large animated productions. Sometimes, if you’re exceptionally skilled in VFX or rigging, you can land an entry-level job. However, developing the essential abilities is far more challenging because there’s so much more to learn. Is It Hard To Become An Animator For Pixar

I recommend beginning by duplicating current works for your portfolio while focusing on the components unique to your chosen specialization. Refine your duplicates till they look like the original. It’s a fantastic method to learn. A frame-by-frame walkthrough of an actual scene may reveal much about how something was made. Is It Hard To Become An Animator For Pixar


No one will care if you submit work that violates copyright when you offer your portfolio as long as you don’t try to claim you worked on it for a living. Disney content enhances your chances of being recruited by Disney if you don’t have any professional or commercial work for your portfolio (which, as a beginning artist, you won’t). Is It Hard To Become An Animator For Pixar

Disney will know you are prepared to use their information professionally if it appears professional. For example, an illustration of an animation position would be to animate two Disney characters having a dialogue from a different movie. Reimagining characters from a live-action Disney program into 3D characters is an example of modeling. Is It Hard To Become An Animator For Pixar

On Fridays, if it’s still done that way, there is a large gathering when the portfolios of all the candidates are exhibited. Any department leader notices that first. If the portfolio captures their interest, they will quickly scan your résumé. If nothing glaringly objectionable stands out, you’ll receive a call for an in-person interview. Is It Hard To Become An Animator For Pixar

Do Disney Animators Get Paid Well?

The remuneration for full-time Disney employees is commensurate with other companies in the industry, and some internships even provide generous pay. The following are just a few typical wages for roles at the firm, according to Cartoonist/Animator: $116,000-$125,000 $83,000–$89,000 for CG animators.

Pixar animator wages in the US are from $25,486 to $679,997, with a typical pay of $122,186. The top 86% of Pixar animators earn $679,997, with the middle 57% earning between $122,191 and $307,953.

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