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Cybersecurity startup Tenable creates Cyber Exposure. Around 40,000 firms utilize Tenable to comprehend and reduce cyber risk.

Tenable, the company behind Nessus®, created the first platform that enables you to view and safeguard any digital asset on any computing platform by utilizing its knowledge of security issues. Large government agencies, 40% of the Global 2000, and over 60% of the Fortune 500 are all potential clients. Visit to learn more.

In 2002, Tenable Network Security, Inc. was founded. The founders of Tenable were Renaud Deraison, Jack Huffard, and Ron Gula. In 2012, the venture capital company Accel Partners contributed $50 million to Tenable’s first round of institutional funding. Tenable, Inc. became the company’s new name in 2017. On July 26, 2018, it initially went public on the Nasdaq.

Tenable acquired the cybersecurity firm FlawCheck in 2016. Tenable acquired the Israeli-based operational technology firm Indegy Ltd. in 2019 for $78 million.

Is Tenable a reputable business?

Employees at Tenable are satisfied with their overall compensation: wages, stock and equity, and perks. Employees at Tenable are extremely satisfied with their entire team. 433 participants give an A+ rating for coworkers.


Foster City, California, serves as the home of Qualys, Inc., a company that provides cloud security, compliance, and other related services. Software as a Service (SaaS) is a delivery method used by Qualys to provide vulnerability management solutions. Web application security and cloud-based compliance services are now available.

More than 10,300 clients use Qualys products in more than 130 nations. Among these clients are the vast majority of the Forbes Global 100. The business has strategic alliances with several significant managed service providers and consulting companies, including BT, Dell SecureWorks, Fujitsu, IBM, NTT, Symantec, Verizon, and Wipro. Additionally, it was among the first businesses to sign up for the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

Tenable announced in April 2022 that it would pay $45 million to acquire Bit Discovery, a startup that develops software to control attack surfaces. The transaction was anticipated to close in the second quarter of 2022.

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Is the business well-qualified?

77% of employees would recommend Qualis to a friend, and 59% had a positive outlook on the company, according to more than 49 anonymous employee reviews. Qualis has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5. Over the past year, this rating has not changed.

Tenable vs. Qualys

The greatest products in the industry for identifying vulnerabilities and providing continuous security have been developed by Qualys and Tenable. Both Qualys Enterprise and Tenable. Sc, formerly known as Tenable SecurityCenter, concentrates on the final one. Qualys Enterprise and Tenable. Sc is vying for first place in the vulnerability management category. To see how the two stack up, let’s compare them.

Firewalls and other endpoint security tools are still crucial components of organizational security, despite the widespread belief that perimeter security is “dead.” However, they shouldn’t always be the lone line of defense between an organization’s IT assets and online criminals.

Together, several platforms and solutions offer the ongoing protection required to safeguard against cyberattacks today:

  • Identifying security gaps,
  • Identifying security gaps
  • Observing compliance
  • Using SIEM/Log Management Systems and using smart/next-generation firewalls (NGFW),
  • many more.

Incorporating vulnerability detection with additional security capabilities like malware detection, security analytics, and anomaly detection, integrated security platforms from Tenable and Qualys are available. Their functional overlaps and similarities are numerous. Both of these vulnerability management technologies are capable of conducting a full security risk analysis and vulnerability scanning.

Tenable is a trustworthy all-purpose toolbox for black-box testing and an audit tool for known hosts. It functions effectively whether employed by the entire company or simply one department, as in a large company.

Qualys offers special advantages, including high support and ease of use and management. Qualys is also less expensive from a price perspective, which is frequently what small firms use to make their choice.

The free (for personal use) Tenable Nessus vulnerability scanner is perhaps the most well-known product of, formerly known as SecurityCenter. Additionally, it provides security analytics and vulnerability management, which can be managed and examined via various pre-designed dashboards and reports.

Tenable. Sc’s Continuous View (CV) adds extra features for continuous visibility, advanced analytics, real-time metrics, and continuous compliance, among other things. Network sweeps, vulnerability scans, network, and host auditing, and auditing regulations from NIST, CIS, and DoD are all excellently handled by Tenable. Sc.
Tenable may be too massive for a company, especially a tiny one, depending on its size. This inability to scale quickly and incrementally can be a downside because it enables other, more affordable solutions for vulnerability detection and cybersecurity to address a larger range of needs.

Nevertheless, Tenable is frequently seen as a powerhouse in the sector, able to compete with firms like Rapid7 and BeyondTrust, renowned vulnerability management firms. Many shops use Tenable tools like Tenable. sc,, and Nessus Professional. Penetration testing is much simpler with such a potent tool, and Tenable’s toolset can identify many issues and weak points that your team could overlook.

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Qualys Enterprise

Since its founding in 1999, Qualys has been a well-known name in business security. It provides various paid security services, continuous security platforms, and freemium solutions. Qualys Enterprise, formerly known as QualysGuard, is the most crucial platform.

A suite of continuous security technologies called Qualys Enterprise includes tools for asset detection, network security, web app security, threat protection, and compliance monitoring. The best security hole scanner, according to some, is Qualys. Qualys is quite effective at identifying vulnerabilities and frequently outperforms other tools. Users appreciate how efficiently Qualys scans for vulnerabilities and keeps track of them without much user input.

Adding endpoints to your inventory and having Qualys safeguard them is now simple. For your security team to select which vulnerabilities need to be patched first, Qualys creates a map of the vulnerability level and importance.
Qualys offers many useful aspects and advantages but has certain drawbacks. When scanning endpoints, the main issues are sluggish scans and false positives.

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