Machakos County Public Service Board Jobs 2022/2023

This is to let you know that the hiring process for Machakos County Public Service Board Jobs 2022 has started. One of Kenya’s 47 counties in Machakos. It has contributed its fair share to Kenya’s economy throughout the years and is rumoured to have a booming business sector.

If you live in Kenya and have been looking for Machakos County Jobs 2022/2023, Machakos County Jobs Application form, Machakos County Job advertisements, or Machakos County Job portal, then this update is for you.

Reason You Should Apply for Machakos County Public Service Board Jobs

  • The first point to make is that Machakos County Jobs 2022/2023 is pensionable with gratuities.
  • Additionally, there is job security because every employee receives an appointment letter.
  • Because of their flexibility, government jobs are simpler to combine with other jobs.
  • Equal employment opportunities for everybody, particularly for jobs for recent graduates.
  • Only Kenyan citizens who are legal residents may apply, according to the Machakos County Job Ads.
  • County government employees are rewarded with promotions and higher incentives at certain times in time.
  • It costs nothing to apply for Machakos County Public Service Board Jobs in 2022 or 2023.
  • Integrity among employees is given top priority. Falsified documents will therefore result in immediate disqualification.
  • Additionally, only applications submitted by eligible individuals will be validated by the Machakos County Job Application Portal.
  • Along with other rewards, workers also benefit from work-leave allowances.
  • Applying for jobs with Machakos County should be avoided if you are having problems with law enforcement.
  • Additionally, Machakos County Public Service Board Jobs 2022 gives employees the chance to receive government-sponsored loans, mortgages, palliative care, etc.
  • Finally, it is very simple to apply because many jobs in Machakos county just require a minimal amount of experience.

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Application Requirements for the Registered Clinical Officer Role

  • Putting into action community health care initiatives in coordination with other medical professionals.
  • The chosen individual will assist in County sensitization trips in addition to the aforementioned.
  • You can apply for this Mackako County Health Job if you have at least a National Diploma in Clinical Medicine or other relevant medical coursework.
  • If you have experience with similar Machakos County Health Jobs 2022/2023, please apply.
  • Excellent communication abilities, particularly while working with patients.

Recruitment Requirements for a Registered Nurse

  • The authorities will demand you to be a licensed practitioner with the Nursing Council of Kenya in addition to merely being a regular nurse.
  • Second, help the doctor give patients their medications.
  • Make sure the hospital atmosphere is clean.
  • will also take care of additional related services like counselling and health education, as well as delivery and antenatal care.
  • Good people skills, particularly when working with patients.

Conditions for the Pharmacy Technologist Position at Machakos.

  • One of Machakos’ most delicate postures is this one. As a result, applicants need to have a solid foundation in pharmaceutical techniques.
  • Will offer pharmaceutical services in the specified Machakos Hospital under the careful supervision of the superior.
  • For this recruitment, certification from pharmaceutical bodies will be required.
  • Candidates must also have a National Diploma in Pharmaceutical Studies and be graduates in addition to the requirements listed above.

Requirements for the Position of Medical Laboratory Scientist

  • Putting together schedules and strategies for laboratory tasks.
    will additionally help with mentoring people who come for the 2022 Machakos Internship.
  • Thirdly, Med-lab science course authorities for the Machakos County Public Service Board require a minimum grade of ND.
  • Establishing laboratory technical standards.
  • Good interpersonal and teamwork skills.
  • Finally, apply if you have experience working with Machakos County Health Jobs in the past.

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How to Apply for Machakos County Public Service Board Jobs

Apply through the hiring portal
Following reading the prerequisites, interested candidates should visit the application page at or and submit their applications.

When you access this Machakos County Public Service Board Jobs webpage, it is crucial. You will have access to the whole list of positions available at this government agency. Select the position you want, and then submit your job application.

The Machakos County Public Service Board offices are located at Machakos Youth Centre – Machakos Road. As an alternative, applications may also be delivered in person.


Please make sure you meet all the application requirements for the Machakos County Public Service Board Jobs. This is to enable you to stand a better chance of being selected.